Online Video: It's All in the Content

The Val's Art Diary is an incredible example of the opportunity that is available to anyone who successfully leverages the tools of the internet to sell products and services. We can take this example and apply to other products/services as well.

10 Most Powerful Video Marketing Tips

Let's start create own on personal video clips!

Contagious Commercials

How to get in on the YouTube craze for effective viral marketing.

Ch. 8 & 9: Viral Marketing and Websites

Chapter 8

The dangers of Youtube

Some things that some people dont think about, but could jurt you on Youtube

How Youtube was born!

I always think its interesting so see how these company such as facebook and twitter etc. got started. So here is an article about how YouTube was established.

"Val's Art Diary" & The Road to Building Your Brand Online

Above: Valentina Trevino, founder of Val's Video Diary. She infact "made friends on YouTube," and turned a personal hobby into an annual six figure income.
Image Credit: World News 

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