10 Most Powerful Video Marketing Tips

Let's start create own on personal video clips!

Contagious Commercials

How to get in on the YouTube craze for effective viral marketing.

Ch. 8 & 9: Viral Marketing and Websites

Chapter 8

The dangers of Youtube

Some things that some people dont think about, but could jurt you on Youtube

How Youtube was born!

I always think its interesting so see how these company such as facebook and twitter etc. got started. So here is an article about how YouTube was established.

"Val's Art Diary" & The Road to Building Your Brand Online

Above: Valentina Trevino, founder of Val's Video Diary. She infact "made friends on YouTube," and turned a personal hobby into an annual six figure income.
Image Credit: World News 

Top 5+ Most Important - Online Video Strategies

Top 5+ Most Important - Online Video Strategies

Creating the Best YourTube Video

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