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Target Audience

Quiksilver has a pretty niche target audience. They directly reach out to millennials, which just means ages 18-34. More specifically, they don’t sell any women’s clothing so they are clearly targeting males ages 18-34. However, what really makes their market niche is the hobbies they cater too. All of Quiksilver’s products target those 18-34 year-old males who surf or snowboard. All of their clothes are fit for either one of those sports, they have sponsored clothing lines from pros who participate in those activates, and even when you walk into their stores there’s either a surfing vibe or a snowboarding vibe, depending on the season and the location. 

Big Idea

Their current advertising does a pretty good job of targeting these 18-34 year old males who surf or snowboard, but they’re really only scratching the surface. The following strategy will really brand Quiksilver as THE clothing brand for 18-34 year old males who surf, snowboard or at a minimum enjoy the culture that comes with those activities.

Quiksilver has a microsite that is dedicated to explaining who they are as a brand and what they stand for, with the phrase “Stay High!” at the helm of it all. They talk about how their lifestyle is all about “finding positives”, “getting stoked” and “keeping the high”. This is it. This is the big idea. It’s what resonates with their target, I just don’t see it pushed out anywhere. So, the goal is to take this “Stay High!” and the vibe that comes with it, and push it out on all relevant digital platforms to create a cohesive brand image.

Social Media Advertising 

Quiksilver is currently present on all of the major social media platforms including:







I think it’s important for brands to use all of these platforms to promote themselves. They’re free and very prevalent in today’s age. But, not only should they be using these platforms, they should also be using them correctly, because not using them correctly could actually hurt the brand. I do believe that Quiksilver is using these channels pretty well, better than a majority of brands I have seen, but they do have changes that can be made to improve the brand. They do a good job of not forcing their brand on social media users. Instead, they post relevant news updates on all things going on the surfing and snowboarding community, a community that is very important to their customers. I think this is a brilliant social media strategy. No one wants to be fed a bunch of ads for articles of clothing on their social media feed. People who buy their products want to know what’s going on in the communities that they’re apart of and if they follow this brand on social media they will get just that.

The only issue they have is the fact that they’re basically putting the same content on every platform. Pretty much all of their Facebook posts have videos or pictures, and those are also the exact same posts on Twitter and Instagram. Pinterest features most of the same pictures and Youtube features most of the same videos. This is a problem because the experience you give to your consumers should be unique on each platform. Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses and should be used differently. The campaign as a whole should be cohesive but there should be a unique experience on each platform. Below is my suggestion on how Quiksilver should use each the platforms uniquely, both paid and unpaid.


I think Quiksilver can keep their Facebook page fairly similar to what they have now. It can act as kind of a hub for all of their social media platforms. However, I do think they should push a lot of their blog content and landing pages on their Facebook as well. Their blog/landing pages will be talked about more further on in the strategy.

As for unpaid, I believe Facebook retargeting ads would be a great strategy for Quiksilver. Basically, when a user searches for keywords that Quiksilver has targeted, or for users who have visited their website, after they will be served Quiksilver ads on Facebook. This allows Quiksilver to only appear for those consumers who have already showed some interest in what Quiksilver has to offer. These ads can contain more products and offers and less lifestyle because the consumer has already showed interest.


One of the other big faults with Quiksilver’s social media presence is the fact that they don’t communicate one on one with any of their customers. I think some of the most successful social media brands communicate with their customers. It means a lot to the individual customers and shows to everyone who follows them that they actually care about their customers. I think that dedicating their Twitter to communicating with customers would be a very beneficial thing to do. Currently they do connect with other accounts and professionals in the surfing and snowboarding community, which I think is a good thing that they can keep up on top of communicating with consumers.


I think Instagram can be a place where Quiksilver can really start to show this “Stay High!” brand personality. They post a lot of really great content of professionals surfing or snowboarding. This is awesome, but I think they should also start to include some lifestyle type posts. Make posts of consumers wearing products doing things with captions that match their positive “Stay High!” vibe. Don’t make it extremely obvious that their posting products, make the products blend into the picture. I think it’s also okay to make an occasional post for sales or other things, but once again make the picture and caption match the overall “Stay High!” vibe.


I think Youtube is also a great platform for Quiksilver. They already push a bunch of video content on their social media sites as well as their website. It only makes sense that they pay a little extra to push those quality videos out to even more consumers. I think both pre-roll and promoted videos would be very useful for them.


I believe that Snapchat is essential to this target. Millennials use Snapchat more than any other generation, and they use it a lot. They document their day to day lives on Snapchat, and look for brands to do the same. I think Quiksilver should use this platform to show consumers the finer things of Quiksilver as a brand. They should provide access and experiences that no other brand can do. Take the events and professionals they sponsor and feature them on their Snap Story. Give exclusive behind the scenes action of these events, with videos and pictures to document what’s going on. Snapchat is the perfect venue for making consumers feel like they’re at the event without actually being there. Have professionals at these events take over the Quiksilver Snapchat and post their own videos of what’s going on from their point of view. Have those professionals promote the Snapchat takeover on their social media accounts so that the fans of those professionals will add Quiksilver on Snapchat to watch their story.


Pinterest is a really great place to post creative and helpful ways to do things. I think similar to some of the ideas mentioned in the blog section further down, they can put creative things to do with surfing or snowboarding products. Maybe cool things to make with your old surfboards or things like that. Although Pinterest is primarily used by women, it doesn’t hurt to provide valuable content for those men who use Pinterest.

Internet Marketing

Display Advertising

I believe, because of the specific culture Quiksilver’s consumers are involved in, they should target different news outlets that give information on surfing and snowboarding. Sites such as Surfing Magazine, Surfer Mag and Snowboarder are good places to start. I think that the best message to push on these ads is the lifestyle that comes with the brand. Push their “high life” tagline. I think that will resonate more with the consumers that view these webpages. I think it’d be okay to occasionally throw an ad for specific products and deals as well, but mostly promoting the lifestyle. These ads should mostly take the user to the homepage of the website or to their blog section. I think it’s important to not push the products down the consumer’s throat. Show the consumer everything your brand has to offer and let them find the products organically. However, if the ad is for a product, the link can be to that specific product.

Search Engine Marketing

It is better to target keyword phrases as appose to individual keywords. So, I believe some of the best keyword phrases Quicksilver could use are:

  • Surf news
  • Surf apparel
  • Beach style clothing
  • Snowboarding news
  • Snowboarding apparel
  • Surfing board shorts

They should customize a specific landing page for these key words. Designate one for surfing keywords and one for snowboarding keywords. Make each landing page cater to that activity. Let them know about the company culture, what they stand for and what the brand is all about. Include an email they can said inquiries to.

Content Offers

I think a really good content offer for the target would be a guide titled “How to Master All Tricks Surfing and Snowboarding”. This guide will be all about how to land certain tricks on a surfboard/snowboard. It can split half surfing half snowboarding and within each, further separated by trick. Each trick will be supplied with written tips on how to land it, as well as pictures, diagrams and videos that demonstrate how to do the trick. Quiksilver can put this out on social media with a link to a landing page where consumers must give their name and email in order to download the free guide. I think making Quiksilver the place to go for their target to get more information about how to land tricks, which is a big deal in those sports, as well as other things in both the cultures of surfing and snowboarding, would be great for the brand. It would really authentically drive their target to not only buy Quiksilver products, but be ambassadors for the brand.

I also think some type of webinar or live stream of surfing and snowboarding would be really cool as well. I guess this could go one of two ways. It could be something sort of similar to the other content offer that’s revolved around learning how to land tricks or maybe how to properly clean and take care of your board. But it can be a video webinar on how to do either of those things. The other idea is to live stream surfing or snowboarding events from their website or a microsite. Quiksilver seems to be pretty involved in both communities and I’m sure they sponsor certain events that they could work on getting rights to stream live. Either of these ideas really bring valuable information or entertainment in a convenient way to those who are interested. They also currently do a cool 360 degree interactive tour of a mountain which I think is really cool, I think they should do other things like that as well.

Blog Posts

Quiksilver does have a blog and they’re actually doing a pretty good job with it. They do blog posts covering certain surfing and snowboarding, skateboarding and music events as well as interviews with pros. I think if they were to adjust anything to their blog, it would be maybe adding some content that is relatable to the individual consumers reading the blog. I definitely think they should continue to provide news and information on what’s going on in the surfing and snowboarding community, but I think they should also put up content that actually helps those reading the blog. One idea, similar to part of the second content offer idea, they could make a blog post titled “How to Keep Your Board in Mint Condition in 5 Steps”. This can be a post all about how to properly clean and keep your board in good condition. Another blog post can be titled “Our Top 10 Snowboarding Destinations”. This can be a ranking of what they think the top destinations to snowboard are. Both of these blog posts are a little bit more relatable to the consumer, which I think it a good thing to add to the news updates.

Email Marketing

I think the most important part of email marketing is to make sure the emails are tailored to the individual as much as possible. I think that will allow them to cut through clutter the most. If they send out a mass email, consumers can tell, but if they customize a personal email it makes the company seem more genuine and people, especially this millennial target demographic, really care about that. I also think the subject line is important. It must get the attention of the consumer and also convey that personal tone.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Site


Overall I really like the way the Quiksilver mobile site is set up. There are a few minor things I would change, but a majority of creative changes will come in the mobile app. The biggest change to this mobile site would be with the four rotating picture links on the home page. I like the idea and I think the graphics they use are good. They’re not just pictures of the products, they’re pictures of people using the products and pictures that are associated with the surfing and snowboarding culture. With that said, they are all ads for products, or collections of products. At the bottom of the home page, below all of the categories of items, they mention that people can sign up for Quiksilver news and exclusive offers and also get 15% off of their next purchase, all in exchange for a small amount of information. Based on my research, this sign up seems to be the biggest way Quiksilver is generating leads. Because of this, that information and link should be placed at the top of the page, in with those other four rotating picture links. In fact, make that the first one that shows up. Their target loves deals and most of them want to stay up to date on news within the surfing and snowboarding community. It would resonate really well with that target if, when they open the mobile site, the first thing they see is not a product pushed in their face, but instead the opportunity for them to get 15% off their purchase and news updates in exchange for their email. This shows that Quiksilver understands their target and cares about their best interest. I believe this will also drastically increase their lead count. I don’t think many people are going to scroll below those product categories. If you make this opportunity available “above the fold” everyone who visits the mobile site will see it and the more who see it, the more who are willing to sign up.

The only other small change I would make is to the “find a store” section of the site. It’s not totally mobile friendly. When I clink on the link, that part of the site is very zoomed in and that makes it very hard to use. They should reformat this section to function better on a mobile device.

Mobile App

Quiksilver does already have an app, however it looks very outdated and definitely needs a lot of work. It looks like it was designed a long time ago and hasn’t been updated to fit a newer phone. The graphics look like they’re taken from an old iPhone and the app doesn’t even fill up the entire screen. Also half of the links lead to a link on Safari that doesn’t even work.

To solve this, I think Quiksilver should follow two few steps.

Step 1: Delete this existing app immediately. It makes the brand look very poorly. If someone is starting to get interested in the brand and searches the app store for a Quiksilver app and they download this app, it’s a huge turn off from the brand.

Step 2: Design a brand new app. The idea behind the current app isn’t bad and they can definitely build off of it. The idea behind an app for a brand is to make it unique and beneficial for the user. Don’t just make an app that’s a store exactly like the online site. If you do that, the only way to even make that work is to give consumers discounts for buying things through the app, but even then I don’t think that’s the best way to use an app. I think Quiksilver should use this whole “Stay High” tag line as their app. Take that whole idea and put it into an app. Maybe even call the app “Stay High” or “Stay High by Quiksilver” or something like that instead of just the “Quiksilver” app. Below are some of the feature ideas I have for this app: 

  • Going off of their lifestyle of “finding the positives” they could have a section of the app that gives a daily saying or something to do with staying positive, sort of like a daily fortune or something motivational. It could be called the “Daily High” or something like that.
  • They should also make content like pro interviews or other things that are exclusive to the app. They can then push that feature on social media as an incentive to download the app.
  • I think it would be cool if they allow users to check weather and conditions for spots around the world that are good for surfing and snowboarding. This way consumers who actually participate in surfing and snowboarding can use this app to benefit them.
  • Quiksilver’s desktop site has a really cool feature where they use a 360-degree camera. This allows users to maneuver 360 degrees around a still photo of a cool scene. This can be transferred to mobile in a really cool way. Instead of doing a still picture, you can now do 360 degree videos. If they had pros video tape them surfing or snowboarding using this technology, they can put that on the app and users can take that viewing experience to the next level. This link is a really good example of what they could do. But the even cooler thing is that with a mobile device, instead of using those arrows in the upper left hand corner, you just move your phone around and it automatically moves around the video. It’s so cool and I think it could really be a focal point for the app.
  • If they do want to push some product (but a very little amount) they could use iBeacon technology with the app. They could set it up to send push notifications of deals on Quiksilver products at different stores when consumers walk into a mall.
  • If at all possible, I think it would be cool if they partnered with different ski mountains to provide a digital map of their mountain exclusively on the app. They could then advertise their app at these mountains as an incentive to download the app.
  • Lastly, they could make all users make an account in order to use the app. It could be a turn off but if it ends up not being a big deal to users, it could add a lot of leads to their list.

There’s a lot of really cool things Quiksilver can do with an app. The main point is to just make one that’s all about benefitting the consumer. Give them a cool unique experience that will make their target genuinely want to download the app because it benefits them.

Business Objective and KPI’s

Quiksilver’s website exists solely for the purpose of making sales and completing transactions for their clothes and other merchandise. Therefore, the amount of monthly revenue made through this website is by far their biggest KPI. Another KPI can be a certain number of items sold each month. Quiksilver sells a lot of variety of clothing and other merchandise so I think it’s important that they not only look at total revenue or total number of items sold, but to also break that number down by category. They should analyze buying trends for different categories of clothing for different times of the year. For instance, the amount of mens bathing suits sold in the winter is different than the number they sell in the spring or the summer. They can set goals for the amount of “sale” clothing they sell monthly as well. Basically, they need to dissect their entire website and set goals and KPI’s in sales and items sold for each category. Set a goal for men’s clothing, kids, clothing as well as “surf” and “snow” items. Dig deeper and set goals for new arrivals, men’s jackets, accessories, everything. Google Analytics makes it so easy to track everything so you can find what items are selling strong and which ones aren’t, and this will be addressed in more depth in the “analytics” section of this assignment. All in all, they should be using revenue and items sold as their main KPI’s for this website.


Google Analytics is such a great resource to use for analytics. You can track every click that happens on your website as well as every click that leads users to your site and every click that leads them off of your site. Quiksilver should be using this tool constantly. They can track the entire path that users go through on their site. There are a few different ways for users to get to different spots on their site, so they can use Google analytics to see which icons users are clicking on most frequently to get to certain parts of their website. If certain icons aren’t getting clicked on as much, they should further optimize those icons to make them look more appealing. For instance, there’s a set of 5 giant rotating pictures on their home page. Each picture leads to a different part of their site. Using Google Analytics, they can track which of those are getting clicked on more than others. However, to me, the biggest thing to look at for Quiksilver is the last page users are visiting before they leave the site. In an ideal world, a purchase confirmation page should be the final page 100% of the time, meaning the user purchased what they wanted and are now moving on. Anything less than that is underachieving. So, Quiksilver needs to view what are pages are turning users off of the site, that way they can change those pages to help create a purchase. They can also view which items users are viewing but not buying. Maybe there are popular articles of clothing that are looked at, but not purchased. This can be insight as to what either needs to be changed about that item of clothing or the way its displayed on their website. All in all, Google Analytics is an essential tool for optimizing Quiksilver’s website to its full potential.


Target Audience