The Magic of Google Adwords

Written By: Alexander Michael Cummings

Google is known as the company that makes life easier. Everyday things like email, directions, news, blogging and calendars are available, and often times free thanks to this Internet giant. It only makes sense then that they would have an easy and efficient way for businesses to advertise their products and services. Their program, Google Adwords, give companies the freedom to create an ad and then decide what customers they would like to see the ad and how often. With this type of program guessing can be removed from the advertising equation.

Rookie Robotics Team Advances to State Competition

Written by: Christy Ann Hicks


EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN (November 15, 2009) – Transporting fresh fruit from California to the Midwest is a complicated process, requiring careful control of product temperature, proper loading of truck trailers, and efficient travel to maximize product quality. It’s a challenging endeavor which recently prompted the Produce Marketing Association to release a report on best practices, intended to minimize the risk of fresh produce being damaged or exposed to e-coli in transit.

Master of the Universe: Google Webmaster

Written by: Elizabeth Houser

Google, in my opinion, has the ability to take over the online world. This, along with the charts, graphs, and numbers that many of their “applications” contain, has the power to intimidate me.

Google Adwords for Artists

Written by: Christy Ann Hicks

It all started with a few handmade gifts for friends and family.   A cousin asked for a unique cell phone charm to distinguish hers from the nearly-identical phones owned by her friends.   Then a co-worker made a similar request.  Somewhere along the way, an inventory of beads and silver charms resulted in an online storefront through Etsy — home of tens of thousands of artists with cool stuff for sale.