How to Market Your Product Online in 2014

The Internet has been a part of our daily lives for more than a decade now. It changed the way we search for information in daily lives. For example, we prefer to search information online rather than offline, and read people’s product review on the web. So, we live in an era where information is over flooding, and this gives consumer a diverse option to personalize their information category. They are now able to choose/block the right information anytime, and this makes marketers to find a new way to approach their target market.

The New Era of Marketing

What is inbound marketing? That is the question I did not know the answer to until I did some research and found out that inbound marketing is simply when customers come to you.

Rebound With Inbound Marketing

Marketing as a Vacuum Salesman

Inbound Marketing: Convenient Content for Customers & Corporations

Who's The New Kid on the Block?Car lights at night

Hubspot describes inbound marketing as the process of creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and products. Traditional marketing methods (ads, pay-per-click, direct mail, buying leads, etc.) annoy potential buyers, and may only build resentment.