Brand: Urban Outfitters

Website: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

Business Objectives & KPIs:

Social Media Savvy: Southwest Airlines

      Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful airline companies in the world. Many people attribute this success due to their ability to adapt to the new trends and needs of the customer. Most recently they have adapted to consumers use of technology, specifically social media. Southwest Airlines utilizes the most popular forms.

Analysis of the Internet Usage of Walmart

The brand that I selected from the brand Google Spreadsheet was Walmart. I went through their website as well as signed up for their Email list. I also followed the brand in most of its social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. It fascinated me that Walmart was able to get many followers in most of its social media accounts. The new theme for Walmart is "Save Money, Live Better".


There are several reasons as to why Walmart has a huge social media presence:


MSU Star -- Draymond Green's social medium

   My brand is Draymond Green and I follow him on the Instagram, Twitter and the other social medium. I think the key message of Draymond Green wants to communicate online is: To be a better man which includes in professional basketball career, importance of the brotherhood and improves his reputation in the society. In addition, Green currently is the spokesperson of the Nike company, and I can see lots of advertisements on his social medium.