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What is Inbound Marketing?

Exploring the world one letter at a time

In this blog, I hope to share some of my favorite things and reach out to people with similar interests.  From this blog I hope to make connections and gain a better understanding about things that I have surrounded myself with.

What to Expect from my Wineries in Michigan Blog

As a born-and-raised Michigander, I take much pride in all that our beautiful state has to offer. For this reason, I chose “Wineries in Michigan” as my blog topic. It is an industry that relatively few other states can claim to excel in, and the wine industry fascinates me.

Final Presentation

  1. Hello, I’m Sarah Tyson and today I am going to present to you my campaign for Lucy Activewear! 
  2. Lucy is a women’s clothing line that manufactures attractive athletic apparel and accessories for women. One of Lucy's goals as a brand is that your workout apparel should not only support your athletic activities, but should be trendy and flattering at the same time.