Written By: Danielle DeBiasi

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As a marketing undergrad quickly approaching reality of graduating into a difficult job market, I wanted an opportunity to expand my resume and give myself an opportunity to stand out. I have always been interested in learning something new and gain a different perspective on the marketing world, so I enrolled in Derek Mehraban and Michal Lorenc's New Media Drivers License Course at Michigan State University. What better way to impress potential employers than to gain knowledge and skills in the rapidly increasing world of social media marketing.

In a technologically advancing world, businesses now have the opportunity of penetrating the market in the most direct way-by building a strong presence where the consumer is. How do you take a great brand and make it better? Create a Facebook Fan Page, use Twitter to "tweet" about new content/services/ideas, network on LinkedIn, promote your website by blogging or taking advantage of social bookmarking sites such as DIGG, Yahoo!Buzz, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. All of these options will initiate buzz and the word-of-mouth advertising every business strives for.

These days, businesses may engage in establishing accounts with social media sites because it is "the thing to do" and without fully understanding the positive impact potential. Increasing the number of sites you can be found will only increase your market penetration potential. The more you are seen and found, the more people can learn, and the more brand awareness you will build. Your present followers can share your business with their networks and recommend your products/services, allowing your customer and visitor base to experience growth.

But how will people find you? This is the most important concept I have learned in the NMDL Course, and it all lies in Search Engine Optimization. Engaging in the different aspects of SEO is the strongest tool a business can utilize in the digital media marketing world. The following will provide you with a rundown of helpful SEO tips:

*Create unique and descriptive title tags for each page, but remember to keep it brief!

*Take advantage of metatags (a couple sentences or short paragraph providing a page's description that can be used as snippets for pages in a search engine)

*Structure URLs to contain relevant words to provide users and search engines with more information, but keep them as simple as possible to allow for easier crawling

*Utilize site navigation through an HTML sitemap organized by subject for convenient browsing

*Ensure that content is easy to read, edited before publishing, and with layout separation and formatting that will make content easier for users to follow. Remember to keep it new, fresh, and updated!

*Be sure to anticipate differences in search behavior by creating an appropriate strategy for keywords and keyword search

Following these Search Engine Optimization guidelines to build your social media marketing presence will strengthen your ability to promote your business and website in a fast-paced online environment. Visit the New Media Drivers License Course home page to learn more and even enroll to learn more about business social networking!