Written By: Sarah Hinsberg

The brand I chose to monitor was Coca Cola. I chose this brand because I am a follower of the brand on both Facebook and Twitter and recent tweets and posts had been popping up on my radar for the past week. Coca Cola had multiple ads during the Super Bowl Sunday and is also making a significant effort to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

Facebook--What I found by looking through recent Facebook blogs, updates and tabs was a lot about how Coca Cola makes an effort to connect with the community as a whole. One of the main tabs on the page is called ‘Live Positively’. When browsing through this page you would not first visit that tab but this past Friday there was a status update that promoted getting to see the new “Big Game” commercials. Once you clicked that link it then took you to the ‘Live Positively’ tab that taught you all about how easily you can give to the Girls and Boys Club and how after you easily (2-step process) give you can then view commercials varying on the amount you give. Their goal is $250,000 and they show you how much they have left in a animated Coca Cola bottle. They posted many of these updates up to the start of the game in effort to get people to want to see these ads before so much that they would give to a great cause. I think that this was a great effort because many of the social networking sites that I monitored including Twitter put forth in this effort too.
Twitter—While monitoring Coca Cola Twitter by being on Twitter and also being on Facebook I learned a lot about Coca Cola as a company. They have a lot of different efforts going on at the same time and they do not focus everything on one thing. What I mean by that is the Facebook page seemed to focus more around the ‘Big Game’ and all the ads that were going along with it, while Twitter has many different outlets and things to talk about. Coca Cola has multiple Twitters for a person to follow and they all have separate meanings. Follow The Torch is a Coca Cola ran Twitter page that is spreading awareness about the Olympics. World of Coca Cola is another Twitter that is run by Coke that seems to be sort of a headquarters site that may make followers feel give more of a say since this Twitte r seems to actively ask questions and answer anything that a follower might tweet regarding Coca Cola. Coca Cola is the Twitter that obviously gets the most followers because it is the name brand and it seems to be closer linked with what the company wants to promote at that point in time. Recent tweets are about the Boys and Girls club and upcoming commercials. Also there are tweets about commercials that are airing in other countries which gives the consumer a sort of inside view of Coca Cola that only a follower can see.
Flickr—Through tweets and updates Coca Cola likes to field pictures from the consumer or follower. Pictures are a sort of positive feedback in some sense and there are fan pictures constantly being posted on Flickr and Facebook. Through the ‘Feeds’ tab on Facebook you can constantly see updates of anything that a consumer has tagged for Coca Cola. This is fun and interesting for anyone of any age to look
Press Releases, Blogs and Such—While looking through my Google Alerts of anything that came up for Coca Cola I found some negativity. The first article that caught my eye was a Fox News article that was very interesting to me because it was another country complaining about the copying of an ad campaign. The article is nothing much it shows you both and let you decides. I could not read any feedback on this article but it was interesting to me that this would be negative and that they are so similar. Another article that I looked through was comparing the big companies ie: Coca Cola who could afford Championship game advertising and then the smaller companies that were veering towards web advertising and how Google was leveling the playing field through Google AdWords and such. I think online advertising is great for all the smaller companies or even the companies that just don’t want to pay the $2.5 million per 30 second spot. But I also do think that soon enough this will change and again, the bigger companies will take over. Another set of articles that came up multiple times in my findings was 4Q earnings for Coca Cola. These numbers do not come out until tomorrow(2/9/10) but with Coca Cola being the largest distributor of beverages in the world I cannot see it being horrible numbers. “Coca-Cola's plan for the next decade includes capitalizing on growing emerging markets like India and China to help make up for softer sales in other areas.” (ABCNEWS) Softer sales include North America because of the recent recession.
Conclusion—Coca Cola has a lot of positive things going on. As of now, I think you would really have to dig for the negative things that include, the negativity from recent commercials, and possibly falling number from their recent quarter. I think that Coca Cola is making a great effort to hit the world. They seem to have advertising in every possible outlet. In efforts to grow to become the largest beverage in every possible country I think that they are on their way to that. I think that this is possible because of how many outlets they have and how many people they are hitting in each and every outlet. These outlets include the Winter Olympics(which is broadcasted worldwide), Television, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, multiple interactive web sites, an even wider amount of things that I cannot even think of. Coca Cola is constantly around you, whether you are at the store, in a restaurant, at a bar, at a basketball game, you cannot escape the Coca Cola Brand and this is somewhat of what makes it so successful.