Written By: Jacob Isaac

      Fifteen years ago the concept of Social Media was non existent. Today it is a whole universe.  We use social media for communicating and building relationships.  But how can social media communicate and build relationships in the business/professional world?



           Businesses all over the world are using social media sites like facebook and twitter to build relationships with their consumers.  Advertising twenty years ago was about speaking to the consumer to sell your product. Now companies are able to converse with consumers through digital media. No longer do consumers have to listen to a voice through a TV or a radio telling them what to buy or use.  Now the consumer has the luxury to ask the producer "Why should I by this product?".  There is now a relationship between the producer and consumer.  These social media sites are "digital bridges" that build these relationships. Businesses are not just trying to sell products on these sites; they are making connections with their target market.

       Although social media is the new way of promoting products and connecting with consumers, businesses have to be conscious about what their employees activities on social media websites. That is why companies like ESPN and IBM set regulations of what their employees can and cannot say on social media sites. Most employers do not allow their employees speak about the company without being a spokesmen for that brand. Employees also have to be aware that whatever is being posted on their personal social media pages is a direct reflection of the company they work for. That is why they have to represent themselves in an appropriate manner. 

       Social media strategies are becoming a bigger part of companies budgets. More companies are jumping on board with social media because of the interactions that they can make with their consumers. Identifying target markets, identifying how the company is going to get it's message across, and how that company is going to use these connections to surpass its competitors are all main components of building a successful social media strategy.    

This link is an example of a company that is investing in social marketing.



   Social media is a new way to think about the business consumer relationship.  It does not rely on money or acceptance to succeed.  Connections are what makes social media so successful.  It is loud and it is everywhere. 

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