Written By: Alexandra Fussman




Social Media Policies are made for good reason. They are made so social media can be used in a way to improve the brand and make it more noticed. Social Media can be a negative thing for the brand if used incorrectly. People may talk about you in a bad way, you may lose control of the site or you risk creating a bad image. Some of the ways to avoid this happening is to create rules or regulations. Kodak uses something called transparency which is loud and clear and says that you be upfront and tell the person you are talking to that although you do work at Kodak you are not an offical company spokesperson. You need to have boundaries so people don't just go writing what they want on blogs, and if you are a employee of the company it needs to be noted when you are commenting on a blog as an employee or not. Using social media for a brand includes knowing what the consumer wants. As the company you need to listen, pay attention, set goals, find people, create content and measure the results. Some examples of social media outlets are forums, online communities, social networks like facebook, social bookmarking, and diggs.Some of the reasons social media is positive for a brand is Consumers react differently if they can follow you online, they can read more about you and always have a refrence point for your brand. Take for example Starbucks- they have a facebook page, and all day they get comments about peoples favorite drinks, it is a way to share your interests with others. As I was looking through the pictures there are some in different languages and in different cities throughout the world. Starbucks has a following and with their social media networks like facebook and even twitter they are being advertising at every moment. Starbucks  started a campaign which I really like- called “my starbucks idea” where ideas are suggested by consumers  on a website, and then people vote on them in a digg style, and the most popular ideas get posted top ten list, and the top ideas are implemented in stores. Dell also uses something like this called Ideastorm. But Starbucks can really grow with this website to fit what the consumer wants. Free Wifi is be discussed now as well as a punchcard idea. 

Word of mouth is strong, and people start conversations, then more people are connected and more people can talk about the brand together.