Written By: Jessie Murninghan

1. Gmail: Murningh@gmail.com

2. Yahoo: Jessum969@yahoo.com

3. Reach 75% so far on Linkedin

4. Following 55 people with 26 followers on Twitter

5. Created an account with Stumbleupon, Propeller and Digg

6. Facebook fans of: Starbucks, Victoria Secret, Michigan State University PRSSA, New Media Drivers License, etc.
Photo on Flickr by: Omarchatriwala 
Social media is all the rave recently and as an advertising student specializing in public relations I need to be in with the new. Beginning ADV 492 has pushed me to update my Facebook page, create a Linkedin account, along with follow more people and post more tweets on Twitter. Bookmarking sites are completely new to me. Not only was I unaware of what they were, I didn't know how many of them were out there. Because of this assignment I have grown an interest in Stumbleupon, Propeller and Digg.
I checked 'animals' as an interest to Stumbleupon. I wanted to share with you one of the first stumbles I came across, which is this link. I found it to be humorous because it related to your in-class example for assignment 1 which focused on meeting new friends.
As for Facebook, I've had my page for about 4 years now and I've learned innovative ways of using this social media outlet. For example, I participated in Relay for Life last year and used Facebook as a way to raise money. By attaching the link to my donation page on my status, I was able to raise over $300 from just friends. One of my favorite fan pages on Facebook is Starbucks. They utilize the site by promoting events, causes and giveaways. Considering I'm a coffee fiend and Starbucks is my favorite coffee company, being a fan of their site is beneficial to me, as a consumer.
Photo on Flickr by: Shewatchedthesky
I like that Twitter provides current, in the now, news. You no longer have to search for updates about your favorite company because it is provided for you right on the company's Twitter account. I also enjoy the opportunities that it provides. For example, I've been searching for possible summre internships with Google and through Twitter I came across 'Googlejobs'. Their posts offer tips, job opportunities and more. Twitter, in general, is a great way to interact with your audience and gain a personal relationship with your consumers.
Overall, each of the social media web sites that I have listed above provides many ways of targeting a broad range of audiences, reaching new consumers and providing professional networking. I look forward to learning all I can in ADV 492 because I know it will be beneficial to my future.