Written By: Cierra Crawford

    During my four years in high school I was a internet addict. I would finish my homework early just so that I could spend hours surfing the web and chatting with friends on AIM. I graduated from high school in 2005, and around this time Facebook was not available to “everyone” like it is now. It was only available to people who had college email addresses and this drove me insane because, all my college friends bragged about how much fun it was. For my first two years as an undergrad I found myself addicted to this social networking site, along with myspace, and CrushSpot. I would have several windows open on my computer at a time so that instead of logging in and logging out, I just had to refresh the page. Once I approached my third year of college I noticed I was getting distracted by these sites and decided to minimize my activity on Facebook and close my myspace and CrushSpot accounts.

    With all that said I feel my social media skills are a bit rusty which was one of the reasons for me enrolling in this course. When participating in the various exercises this week I was amazed at how much social media has evolved. You can find so much information whether you're looking for something specific or not. Especially on the social bookmarking sites, so many things will catch your eye and you will notice you have been on one site for hours just reading the latest news and articles on things of your interest. I must say I began to get overwhelmed with the exercises this week, because since I have taken a break from social media for almost a little over a year I felt I was jumping into things and I found myself getting confused and discouraged. I think because I was so excited about learning something new I dived right in.

    I took much interest in Twitter and Linkedin, as I just became a member of both sites. I love how they easily connect with each other, which is giving me practice already on how to manage the social media sites I am apart of. I find Twitter a bit confusing at times because of all its lingo, but give me some time I will have it mastered. Linkedin also can frustrate me at times because it does not easily function like Facebook, but I love to be challenged it only makes me stronger.

    The innovative way I found to use social media came from my experience on Twitter. As a student majoring in Advertising, I am very interested in Sports and Entertainment Advertising. Therefore when I followed my first 50 people not only did I follow friends, family, ad agencies, some of my favorite brands/products, but athletes and celebrities as well. Its interesting how they market themselves, tweeting something every 5-10 minutes. However, the celebrity I took most interest in was R&B singer Monica. As a singer who has taken a break from the industry for awhile for personal reasons, I think Twitter is an innovative way for her to market her new album and return to the industry. This is innovative to me because she can tweet about songs on her album, changes she made in her life and advertise to the public instantly and change it whenever she feels the need. Where as before Twitter, we could only be targeted by artist through Best Buy and Target television advertisements, magazine articles, and outdoor billboards.

Monica Then

Monica Then

source: rateyourmusic

Monica Now

Monica Now


    Based on what I learned from Twitter during this first assignment, I think that I am on my way to enhancing my social media skills that will be beneficial to my employer. I think that company’s having Twitter accounts is the key to their success in the future. Twitter allows company’s to tweet something and get feedback from the public immediately. Company’s can tweet something during a business meeting and get feedback from the public instantly and be able to discuss the results right then. As opposed to doing surveys and things that may take a longer process than just a simple tweet. Also the ability to retweet will also be beneficial because company’s can have instant interaction with their consumers or buyers of their products. Overall Twitter being introduced is one of the best things that have happened in social media. Twitter has laid the foundation for individuals and companies to build their individual brands now its up to them to become hands on and take advantage of the offer. 


Social networking sites:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cmichelle1016

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=2333917

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/myprofile?trk=hb_tab_pro



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