Written By: Mary Natale

 Doing these exercises, especially joining all the social book marking sites made me feel like a tape cassette player versus a blue-ray DVD player, old and “not up with the latest crave”. I had to rewind back to the times were I didn’t know what I was doing on the Internet, and didn’t know how to navigate through a site. Now I am usually the one telling people on the phone with no access to a computer how to navigate through a site, but these sites were a challenge for me. With saying that, I am overly excited that I joined all these social book marking sites because they opened my eyes to the futuristic ways of branding, advertising, communicating, referrals, networking, interviews, and the internets true ability to connect the numerous individuals of the world.

            I absolutely fell in love with stumbleupon.com. This website wasn’t new to me however I never really appreciated the advantages that you can get from this website. I started investigating the site by stumbling into some of my personal interests such as advertising, photography, and even humor. Stumbling upon these few favorites created an abundance of ideas. Whether it was a joke, idea for an advertisement, sparked a spontaneous road trip or wanted me to paint, this process of stumbling triggered the creativity switch inside me. As I frequently began to stumble I came across Steve McCurry’s website, which I thoroughly enjoyed, it is one of my favorites. He created a website that shows images of his portfolio that are both used in photography, photojournalism and advertising. This is a great way to get people familiar with your style and also gives creative directors, designers, even students the ability to stumble upon his website and see how photography can be used in advertising. It gives the viewers a sense of impulse, which can drive someone to use a photographer or graphic artist that they wouldn’t have known about. Then, if you were pleased with the use of the photographer you can comment on his work, or even if viewers commented on the photographer you can see the impact his images have on various users.
            Out of all the sites I thought Mixx.com was the most useful when thinking about branding or reinventing your company. It was more interactive than all the other sites I joined. I filled out what my interests were and when we were finished signing up our homepage had blog posts, articles, and websites I could go to for all my bizarre interests. This was a quick connection to 30 websites, articles, and reviews I wouldn’t have known about if it was not for Mixx.com. If this website had heavier traffic, this is exactly where I would start socially networking my business. It was interactive with the users and instantly got them connected to subjects of their interest.
            Also I learned how quickly you could get connected to companies on Facebook and how instantaneously you can be directed to information you wouldn’t have discovered. Becoming a fan on Facebook seemed so pointless to me till I was forced to follow a company. I recently became a fan on Facebook and Twitter of Disney Pixar. I have wanted to work at Disney Pixar since I waited in line to see Toy Story and being able to get connected with the company can be very beneficial for me. I can see the new projects or even the process of creating the characterization, plots, storyboards, ect., which is all so intriguing to me and wants me to get more involved. As often as I use Facebook I hopefully will be able to connect with Disney Pixar on a frequent basis so I can get to understand and learn about the company.
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