The Magic of Google Adwords

Written By: Alexander Michael Cummings

Google is known as the company that makes life easier. Everyday things like email, directions, news, blogging and calendars are available, and often times free thanks to this Internet giant. It only makes sense then that they would have an easy and efficient way for businesses to advertise their products and services. Their program, Google Adwords, give companies the freedom to create an ad and then decide what customers they would like to see the ad and how often. With this type of program guessing can be removed from the advertising equation.

Google Adwords

Adwords works by first having it users enter four pieces of information.

  1. The headline- This is the title that grabs the readers attention and make them want to read the ad.
  2. The body- This is where a brief description is given about the headline and where the product or service is sold.
  3. The link- The website that is offering the product or service listed above
  4. The location- The actual URL that the link connects to.

The real magic of Adwords is the way that payment is structured. There is no flat rate, instead payment is calculated by the number of times that a consumer clicks on the ad. The cost that the business pays each click is based on the keywords that are used in the ad. The more popular the keyword, the more it costs. The business can also select how much they want to spend in a given day. This allows maximum flexibility and ensures that the bill doesn’t get out of hand.

This service is truly a win-win-win. The businesses get a simple and effective way of advertising, consumers get to see ads that actually meet their needs and wants, and Google gets a healthy profit making everyone happy.