Campbell's Digital Strategy


Campbell's Soup Digital Strategy

Situation Analysis

·      Campbell’s Market Share: Campbell’s was the leader of the condensed soup market with the market share of 84%, but its sales dropped 4.7% in 2002.

·      Factors that led to the decline are private-label soups and an increased demand for convenience

·      Because of time compression, national eating trends changed: 59% of meals are rushed!; 1/5 of Americas eats breakfast away form home or skips it; 45% of women carry their lunch to work or school; 34$ of lunches are eaten on the run. (Source:

·      Competitors: Progresso and Healthy Choice

·      Problem Recognition: No time for cooking! So we need to make Campbell’s soup brand convenient and relevant in the minds of the consumers.


Target Audience

·      The target audience will be based on two product categories: Condensed Soup products and Soup at Hand

·      Condensed soup will target families of all sizes, the “American Dream” family, the targeted benefit will be that it is a healthy alternative for meals.

·      Soup at Hand (convenient food) will target mainly young professionals and office employees (ages 20-55), the targeted benefit will be that it is a convenient, nutritious option for a fast-paced lifestyle.



·      In 2011, Campbell’s spend $504.9 million on advertising.  (The nation’s 76th largest advertiser)

·      The budget I will use for the digital campaign will be $200 million.

·      This can be split 50/30/20

·      50% going towards a google adwords campaign

·      30% going towards developing advertisements for the website and Youtube videos and developing a powerful iphone app

·      20% going towards developing and maintain social media accounts (twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest)

·      Long-term revenue

o   Web advertisements

o   E-commerce

o   Subscriptions to their newsletter

o   Increase awareness of their online store to gain revenue


Internet Marketing

·      Campbell’s needs to sharpen their web presence. This can be done through further website development. Creating a user friendly focus that allows everyone in their target market the availability and access to information about all of their products.

·      Campbell’s will begin the digital strategy by increasing their relevance through Search Engine Optimization.

·      Potential website concept and content

o   Aesthetic redesign – contemporary feel with a family focused element.

o   Digital content – interactive features for consumers to discover and explore things from convenient products to nutritional recipes.

o   Use more of the keywords found in Google's keyword toolto develop SEO


Social Media

·      The second phase of sharpening Campbell’s digital presence is to be more effective with social media.

·      By maintaining up-to-date, interactive social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube) will not only add to the SEO but create a deeper relationship with their consumers.

·      I will enhance their Facebook page, create a Twitter account, and create a YouTube account and link the three of them on each site. This will allow Campbell’s to enhance their community credibility. With an interactive interface, Campbell’s can develop a conversation and a dialogue with their consumers.

·      Some ideas for Youtube could be to create Video Recipes, upload past advertisements, etc.

·      Also create a powerful Pinterest presence: Campbell’s could create all sorts of relevant pins for convenient recipes for on the go families.

·      Specific Social Media Goals:

o   Take Campbell’s soup Facebook page to 1 millions likes within 12 months (currently at 679,000)

o   Create a powerful Pinterest presence

o   Continue developing a personal connection with consumers

o   Integrate an easy navigation between sites.

o   Double Campbell’s Twitter followers to 10,000


Mobile Strategy

·      The goal is to create a multi-channel experience, adding a mobile aspect to Campbell’s advertising campaign can create a link between the brand and consumer values.

·      Create an iPhone app that has access to all of Campbell’s products nutritional information, as well as convenient, nutritious recipe ideas.

·      Send out exclusive weekly coupons via the iPhone app

·      Another idea is to create a text offer. Where consumers voluntarily sign up to receive text messages and exclusive offers.

·      Creating and maintaining an Instagram would also be a cheap, relevant reminder to consumers about the convenient recipes Campbell’s soup has to offer.


Integrating all of these aspects of Campbell’s digital media campaign will create a multi-faceted relevance to Campbell’s brand. It will develop an interactive dialogue for Campbell’s target audience to get to know the brand on a more personal level. Without digital marketing, the brand could potentially lose relevance among minds of consumers. This digital strategy is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.