Digital Strategy for New York Yankees

Target Audience:

  • New comers seeking for baseball entertainment in New York.

Those new comers / immigrants who are baseball fans, they may not have a particular team to support but eager to participate in or go to some baseball games. If we can get their attentions and please them, we could easily attract them more than other teams do. They may be small, but it is worth to develop the relationship in a long-term perspective.


  • The ultimate goal is to increase the exposure rate among the target audience.

There are several indicators to observe such as the number of visits on the official and social media sites, the number of people attending to our events, and the number of tickets sales. We hope when those new comers talk about baseball in New York, they can firstly think of New York Yankees.

Big Idea:

  • The Big NYY Family.

Our target audiences are not originally from New York, especially those new immigrants who are thousands of miles away from their families. Therefore, we try to create the concept of a Family. We observed that when they first come to New York, they do not know where to go or what to do during their spare times. They would choose to stay home instead because they are afraid to go out. We think the primary reason which causes those behaviors is the lack of knowledge about the city. To get involve with the Big NYY Family, people can easily get together with each other. They can share interests, thoughts, or experiences about baseball or other issues just like a family. The Big NYY Family will also provide the information about New York City such as the history, news, and related events/activities through the New York Yankees’ point of view. For example, we will introduce the old Yankees Stadium and talk about what happened in the past. With those efforts, we hope new comers/immigrants can feel like home and know more about the team and the city.

Tools & Tactics:

  • Facebook / Google AdWords

Facebook  will be the main platform for this campaign. We will create a new page called The Big NYY Family. Through the Facebook page, we can easily keep people updated by posting news stories, images, videos, etc. People can ask questions and share those information or images to their friends and families, too. It’s a two way sharing communication experience.

By using Google AdWords, people can be led to the Big NYY Family Facebook page easily under the keywords such as ny sports, ny entertainment, etc. If they do not go to our Facebook page, they can still learn more about the team through other sites. Finally, when they visit other sites or blogs, we can also deal with those sites  or blogs to have our link posted on their pages.


  • $1.7m / month (2% of annual revenue)

According to Gartner’s survey and 6S Marketing’s Budget Calculator, we come out with this number for Yankees which annual revenue is approximately $400-$450 millions. Below are the details:

SEO: $190,000 per month. We take this campaign as a long term campaign. Therefore, the SEO is quite important for us to focus on.

PPC: $1,150,000 per month.

Social Media: $288,000 per month. The cost will focus on Facebook and Google AdWords mainly because they are our primary media platforms to release our messages.

Email: $96,00 per month

Mobile: $96,00 per month

Content: $96,00 per month. It is based on once a week and 8 hours a day. The task should include planning, build, implementation and management.

Total: $1,656,800 per month


Once we make sure our target audience, I think it is clear to develop the whole plan. According to the discovery the difficulties they have, we think our brand can overcome the current situation and do some help in their lives. Therefore, the tools and tactics are coming out based on target audience’s information consuming habits. Hopefully, this plan could create the substantial growth of the number of fans, visits, and sales.


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