Volvo Digital Campaign Strategy to DRIVE Sales

For my client, Volvo, I will implement a full digital strategy utilizing many different media outlets and tools.

Volvo Dealership Outside

Target Audience: I will attempt to influence the market of luxury car buyers, those with enough disposable income to actually be able to afford to purchase a high-end vehicle. Doing this will take a different type of effort than many other types of campaigns; the average age of a new car buyer is 42 years old. In order to influence this market, I will also attempt to break through to the children of this market as well as a secondary audience. Finding a strategy to do this will be unique.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI): I plan to measure the success of this campaign by counting and evaluating the number and types of interactions that are started by this strategy. This includes number of views and likes on YouTube videos, positive interactions on Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as measured traffic numbers to certain pages on the Volvo Website. All digital advertising I use will point potential customers to certain areas on the site, and I will be able to track how many people are affected by each advertisement or sales pitch. Utilizing Google Analytics will make this possible. The mobile application will be measured by number of downloads and number of people participating in contests and engaging in content.

Big Idea: The idea behind my campaign is to increase visits to the Volvo website to drive sales for Volvo. In addition to measuring overall engagement and website traffic to identify areas for opportunity, I will launch a new digital ad campaign specifically aimed at linking new drivers to their parents. The campaign will center around the fusion between luxury and safety that Volvo offers- parents will appreciate the safety that Volvo offers, and children will appreciate the luxury. Parents will feel great about letting newer drivers use safe products, and we will highlight new drivers’ excitement over driving a Volvo for the first time, and ads will focus on two sides to the story- showing excitement through kids’ eyes (parents will also feel this), and responsibility through the parents’ eyes. Since parents (average age of 42) will be the primary target, we want to focus all efforts to driving their purchase habits.

Tools and Tactics: In addition to using Facebook and Twitter accounts to engage followers (expected by anyone today), we will heavily engage through YouTube series. Videos will be released periodically to highlight new people experiencing Volvo for the first time, and this will continue to encourage followers to view and share the videos to others. Each video will feature a unique call-to-action which will then prompt viewers to do something specific, such as visit a certain page or possibly comment something specific. Varying this strategy will also help prevent boredom, which will hopefully lead to more engagement.

In addition to this social media tactic, I will utilize continuous Google Adwords ads to help drive traffic. As highlighted in a past assignment, these ads will incorporate strategic keywords pertaining to customers’ wants and needs. These will also be measured through analytics, so ROI can be easily calculated. These are great because budgets can be set, and you really only pay for results, unlike traditional media outlets such as TV ads.

Furthermore, a mobile strategy will also help drive actions. An app will be developed to increase engagement. Through this platform, we can create contests to give users exclusive prizes and benefits, such as sneak peeks at new products, opportunities to participate in product testing, and even cash incentives to save money on their vehicle purchases. This app will challenge users to document and share their experiences with driving frustrations, joys, and everything in between, hoping to capture what it is that customers really want in their new cars.

Budget: The budget for this strategy implementation will be set at $5 million.

-$1 million allocated to mobile application development and implementation.        

-$800,000 for Google Adwords: this will allow for top ad spots and increased legitimacy when users search for Volvo-related terms.

-$1.5 million for social media implementation and maintenance: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content (including prizes and incentives to customers).

-$1 million dedicated to professional photographers, videographers, and professional content generators- they do not come cheaply.

-Remaining $700,000 left aside for seasonal promotions, including new product launches, events, and sales that exceed normal budget limits.

Summary: In summary, my strategy will encompass all that is necessary for a successful campaign. It will have a long-term vision, while still leaving room for short-term fluctuations and success. It will reach the target market as well as others related to that market, while keeping costs spread over all segments, rather than spending money on ads that are too specific. Finally, it will combine ways to drive sales, ways to track engagement, and ways to reach customers wherever they go, which is what will make it work.