Keep Calm. Log Off. And Go Outside.

For this assignment I created a Facebook page that encourages younger generations to put down their electronics and go play outside—similar to the way some people encourage teenagers to increase face to face interactions and decrease the time they spend online. The purpose of this page is to educate people on how to moderate the use of technology at a young age; an age that is critical for learning essential skills that are needed inFrom life. This page doesn’t disapprove of the use of electronic gadgets as a whole; it’s just aiming to decrease the amount of time kids spend on them on a daily basis (We love Apple too).

The way the page would respond to positive comments would be by thanking the consumer for their comment, and posting any additional information the consumer might find interesting or valuable. The page would also “like” a consumer’s comment, if it is appropriate. I believe the type of consumers this page would attract are those who believe technology is important, and recognize it needs to be moderated for younger generations.

The way the page would respond to negative comments would be with a polite and respectful tone. Again, it would thank the consumer for his/her opinion, and would invite an openly but friendly discussion about the topic at hand. I believe some negative reactions to the page would include consumers who are completely in favor of technology being introduced at a young age. The page would clearly state that it is not against technology, and purposefully looks at both sides of the matter, for educational purposes.

The way this page would address media questions or request would be similar to the way it deals with positive feedback from consumers—thanking them for their interest and providing additional information that would enrich the discussions on the page. The page would provide additional information for reporters who request a more personal form of contact, but in a more private manner like via inbox.

I would pitch this issue and the Facebook page based on it to reporters or blogger by simply asking them to look at younger generations around evaluate how video games affect their lives. I would also ask them if they believe kids can learn basic skills like team building and critical thinking from that kind of technology. I believe those who could name at least 2 traditional playground games would label this as a topic of interest—whether they are for or against technology in young entertainment.

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