Campaigning Digitally for Patagonia

*Overall objective: Increase awareness about Patagonia's parternship with "Common Threads" and the enviornment. After the six month campaign, we hope to see an increase in Common Thread pledges and ecommerce sales. 

Big Idea: The big idea for this campaign is to spread awareness on a matter that will reflect positively on Patagonia. We want people to start talking about how companies impact the environment and view Patagonia as a potential solution. A lot of people these days are conscious of how they impact the environment on a daily basis and many of them will do everything in their power to reduce their environmental footprint. By joining “The Common Threads” partnership, people are acknowledging Patagonia’s reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine business philosophy. They are able to understand first hand how buying Patagonia products can produce a cleaner place to live, therefore giving them even more reason to choose their brand over competitors. Part of the purpose of this campaign is to be blunt and straightforward with the customers. “The Common Threads” initiative is not begging consumers to buy a lot, instead they encourage consumers to buy only what they need. It’s a different approach than most advertising campaigns because it focuses on durability, sustainably, and the environment instead of increasing revenue. They want people to choose the “right” products for the right reasons. Those reasons primarily focus on the good of the planet and customer, not Patagonia.

Target audience: Patagonia’s primary target audience are outdoorsy males and females who partake in activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, surfing, backpacking, and skiing. More specifically, Patagonia targets environmentally conscious consumers who are passionate about the planet they live on and love to frequently explore nature. This specific campaign will be targeting Patagonia consumers who are serious about being the change they want to see in a more eco-friendly world. Even though children and adults can be adventurous at any age, it is important that we target consumers who are able to understand the initiative and have the ability to take serious action. Therefore, our campaign will target all adventurous individuals between the ages of 16 and 55. We want them to be capable about spreading the word about Patagonia’s sincerity. Above all, we want the consumer be able to educate themselves and others about what Patagonia stands for and how they are taking this pledge seriously. 

Key Performance Indicators: The overall objective of this campaign is to get people to ‘take the pledge’ and become a part of The Common Threads Partnership with Patagonia. By taking the pledge they are educating themselves about the program and learning about how Patagonia differs from their competition. This will hopefully also build brand loyalty and trust among consumers and potentially give Patagonia long-term, returning customers. The number of people who take the pledge is tracked electronically. Therefore, we will record the number of pledged members before the six-month campaign and once again after it is completed.

Since this specific campaign has not been running over the last year, we will be able to determine if our digital marketing campaign increases traffic to both the Common Threads site and pledge sheet during the six-month duration. Our secondary objective will be to increase online sales. We will track the e-commerce site in correlation with visits to the ‘Common Threads’. We hope that sales will increase after potential customers learn about all the good the company does for the environment.

Tools & Tactics

Pay Per Click – I will utilize Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search marketing to bid on keywords that will effectively promote Patagonia and this specific campaign.

Interactive Marketing – Banner ads will be bought to be strategy placed within internet and mobile browsing. Banner ads will also be used within mobile apps.

Blog – Patagonia’s blog will be promoted in order to engage consumers and give reason for the media to talk about the campaign.

Social Media & Email Marketing – Proper use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Allows consumers a place to receive information, communicate with Patagonia directly, and confess concerns or comments. Instagram will also be strongly utilized. Since this campaign is environmentally based, pictures are a great way to relate to customers in a way they will appreciate.

Budget: This is going to be a six-month campaign that will run nationally. I was unable to find a credible source for their 2012 annual revenue, since they are a private company, but many estimates were around 500 million annually. With those numbers, I developed a total annual advertising budget of 25 million. Of that 25 million, 36% (9 million) will be dedicated to digital advertising. Therefore, I have set a $750,000 monthly budget for this digital campaign. This budget will cover Pay Per Click and interactive advertising; email and mobile marketing, and social media expenses. 

*Photo Credit: Patagonia