Let's Do This!


Today I made a Facebook page for a cause very near and dear to my heart, complementary coffee for morning classes.  If anyone such as a blogger or reporter asks questions, they must understand the following ideas:  Coffee is provided for morning business meetings and those people are not even paying for the cause.  On the other hand, the students of Michigan State are paying plenty of money.  The least the university can do is provide us this courtesy.  I think this will help students have some motivation to get out of bed and actually go to class.  Another benefit is that students would be more alert, paying more attention, and retain more information.  I think many students will think this is a good idea and will have positive comments to post on the page.  This will be reinforced with the Facebook “Like” button.  All of this positivity towards the movement will drive more people towards awareness regarding the issue and then more towards action.  Other positive support would include the professors.  With the combination of professors and students, the administration will really take this movement seriously.  They will like the idea of more students in class and paying attention, and of coarse they can have coffee as well! 


The Initiative would be expecting backlash, probably from the administration and students backing the administration.  The administration would probably threaten to raise tuition if the student body was really serious about this.  I can then see students who are really concerned about costs backing the administration, even writing on the Facebook group.  This would be bad press and would have to be handled.  I job shadowed an account manager at Campbell Ewald recently; she says they handle most of their clients Facebook pages.  When someone writes a negative comment on the page, they take it down immediately.  Depending on the person’s experience, they will work with the brand to reach out and help that client as much as they can.  We would do things of the like, taking down negative comments so others are not negatively swayed, possibly bring these people morning coffees so they can experience the benefits.  There will also be people that do not like coffee who may think this is stupid at first.  When this happens, our initiative will announce the expansion of beverages to tea or some other healthy options.