ASG Rensaissance Enters Google Adwords - Learn how they did it

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Client:                  ASG Renaissance

Situation Analysis:         

ASG Renaissance is a multidisciplinary professional services firm offering a wide range of business services. From recruiting and staffing services to developing and executing business strategies, program management, engineering and product development to public relations, marketing and graphic design. ASG has also carved out a niche in the clean-tech industry by offering these services to organizations working to develop and market alternative energy, advanced vehicle and environmentally sustainable technologies.

Throughout its 25 year history, ASG has relied on referrals and direct personal relationships with industry professionals to obtain new business. Additionally, ASG has a very limited online presence with only a company website, and a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page.  While these tools give ASG a starting point in developing a full-scale digital strategy, the website needs a total revamp (to be addressed in a more detailed digital strategy) and employees need to better understand how to use the social media sites to leverage the Company’s expertise in the clean-tech and staffing arena.

A Google search to find ASG under PR, Marketing and Graphic Design was startling and in a way confirmed my suspicions that nobody can find the company online when doing a keyword search under these topics. With the advent of the Internet, more and more buyers are turning to the web for information and companies especially ASG, needs to develop an online presence.


There is a commonly held belief that senior executives do not use the web as much as other people but David Meerman Scott in his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR debunks this myth.  Personally he has compiled anecdotal evidence from meeting and talking with many senior executives who have indicated they do indeed use the Internet to research and gather information.  Forbes Insights also conducted a study called the The Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How executives Locate and Filter Business Information. (1) The findings in this report support the anecdotal evidence from Scott as it reveals that executives consider the web to be their most valuable resource for gathering information.

Thus the opportunity exists for ASG Renaissance to reach buyers for their PR, marketing and graphic design services while also creating brand awareness and generating interest and leads through Pay-Per-Click advertising using Google Adwords.

 What is Goggle Adwords?

Google Adwords are sponsored links that appear alongside organic search results and web content.

It allows advertisers to create online ads in the form of sponsored links, which appear at the top or side of searches. Advertisers determine which search pages they appear on by selecting and bidding on the keywords they want linked to their advertisement.

Sample Google Page Sample Google Page

Since ASG does not come up in any organic keyword searches on Google, conducting a Google Adwords campaign is a cost-effective way to start building its online presence as it works simultaneously to develop and implement a fully integrated digital strategy.

It is recommended that ASG start out with a small Adwords campaign because it is your first foray in pay-per-click advertising. Therefore, the campaign will focus only on the PR, marketing and Graphic Design services in the automotive and environmental industries. As the Company gets more familiar with using Google Adwords, the pay-per-click advertising can be expanded to include the other business services ASG offers such as staffing and recruiting.

Below are the steps we would use in developing and implementing a Google Adwords campaign for ASG Renaissance:

 Step 1:  Define ASG’s Goals and Objective

  •  To increase brand awareness among our target customers during a three months Adwords campaign resulting in a five percent increase in website page views.

Step 2: Identify ASG’s target audience

The target audience for ASG’s PR, Marketing and Graphic Design services are:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  •  Chief Communications Officers
  •  Vice President, Public Relations
  •  Vice President, Communications
  •  Vice President, Marketing
  • Chief Executive Officers

Step 3:  Keywords

The following keywords are the ones that a potential customer would use to search for ASG PR and marketing services in Google.

Keywords for ASG Renaissance

Ad Group 1 - Automotive

Ad Group 2 – Environmental

Automotive Public Relations

Environmental PR Firms

Automotive PR

Environmental Public Relations

Automotive Public Relations in Michigan

Environmental Marketing

Auto PR

Alternative Energy Technology Public Relations

Automotive Marketing

Green Technology Marketing

Detroit PR

Green Technology PR Firm

Detroit PR Firms

Green Tech PR Firm

Detroit Public Relations

Detroit Graphic Design Firm

Michigan PR Firm

Michigan Graphic Design

Strategic Communications

Graphic Design Detroit


Graphic Design Michigan


Detroit Marketing Firm 



Daily Budget:     $50 per day for a 60 day campaign ($3,000 to start)

$25/ per ad

The daily budget determines how many times your ads can be shown each day.

CPC Bid:

Maximum CPC bid for the ASG campaign is $1.50

This is the amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on the ad.

This also helps determine how often your ad shows and in what position on the page it will appear.

Summary Traffic Estimator

Based on the Goggle Traffic Estimator, ASG would receive 160-195 impressions, with 2.0-2.4 clicks and an average ad position of 3.8. The average cost per click came out to $1.24. So the budget is in line with what Google suggested.

 Sample Ad Copy

With all ads below, a specific landing page will be created for customers who click on the ad.

Ad Group 1 – Automotive

Michigan PR Firm

ASG Renaissance – located near Detroit

Focused on Automotive PR


Automotive PR

Award-winning automotive

PR & Marketing

 Ad Group 2 - Environmental

 Environmental Marketing

PR, marketing and graphic design focused on green technologies

Environmental PR

Leverage the power of

Strategic communications

Below is the sample Google Adwords Campaign page

Goggle Campaign Page

Expected Results

ASG's first Google Adwords campaign will result in a five percent increase in traffic to the ASG website.