MSU Needs More Bike Lanes

I decided to create a Facebook page on the need for more bike lanes across the Michigan State campus. Being a bike commuter, I find it ever so frustrating when there is no room for me to cruise on the side walk to class and there is no bike lane as an alternative space, even more so I exasperated when the bike lane I am using comes to an end and I am just stranded in the middle of a road.


            As with anything online you are susceptible to feedback, good or bad, and this is the plan to handle each as it comes for MSU Needs More Bike Lanes


  • Positive comments will be answered by “the voice” of the page. The responses will be anything from “liking” the comment to responding with some kind words of our own or even giving a shout out on other social media platforms.
  • Negative comments will be rated and the more serious negative comments will be responded to by the creator of MSU Needs More Bike Lanes, for instance “You have no idea what you are talking about, the MSU police and biking group have worked hard at canvasing the campus with bike lanes.” The not so serious ones (if you will) like “this is a stupid idea” will be responded to by the “the voice” of the page but still taken just as seriously.
  • Anticipated negative comments are that “we don’t need more bike lanes, we need less bikers”. Another comment is that “we are wrong and there are plenty of bike lanes across MSU’s campus”. Some other comments include “This is dumb”, “Bikers are annoying and should be banned from campus”, “MSU has done a great job providing bike lanes, you are crazy”. Etc.
  • For further information please contact Tara Taylor, founder of MSU Needs More Bikes at


MSU Needs More Bike Lanes is a movement to get more bikes lanes on campus because we are sick of cruising along and all of sudden "poof" no more bike lane or we are pushing our way along on side walks, over run with walkers through campus because there is no bike lane! We just want a safe place to ride that we can call our own all over Michigan State University’s campus!