Cleaning Up Our Great Lakes

For my Facebook page, I created a concerning issue on the topic of “Cleaning up our Great Lakes.” So far I have seven followers (likers), and continuing to build on my fan base.

Positive Responses:

In regards to the positive responses I’ve received from not only close friends and family, but also acquaintances, I’d like to say thank you for supporting the cause. It’s reassuring to know that others agree with me on the topic of keeping our Great Lakes Clean. I will continue to keep you all posted on interesting facts, pleasant progress, and the good deeds of others throughout all of your support.

Negative Responses: 

To those of you who are not fully in favor of my motion to Keep Our Shorelines Clean, I apologize if you’re not on board. Though some may think that we should just let nature take its course, or that there are far bigger matters to worry about, I can see where you may be coming from. As you all know, Michigan’s main attraction is its Great Lakes. People come from all over the country to vacation, fish, and swim in the waters. If we continue to let our beaches turn to garbage, we will not only lose our fresh water supply, but we’ll also lose our main attraction. As far as letting nature take its course, nature does not produce garbage and filth, we do. So as Michiganders it’s our job to pick up after ourselves. 

A Pitch the Blogger:

There is only 2.5% of fresh water on the entire earth, and about 21% of that 2.5% is from the Great Lakes. That’s a huge deal in retrospect to the entire planet. I would like you to cover this story because I believe that you can put a positive spin on how important our five bodies of fresh water truly are. It’s time that someone took a stand and I think that you are the best candidate for the job. Persuade the population to get involved. You’ll be making a huge difference in such a small amount of time.

For the Press:

For the Press that asks why the Great Lakes and why now, can all be summed up in one experience. For the last eighty years my family has owned a few houses on Lake Huron, and for the last twenty we’ve watched the shoreline progressively grow bigger, while the trash accumulates in larger amounts. Our state thrives on the slogan Pure Michigan; I want to keep the word pure standing strong. For further questions or concerns on the topic I’d be willing to set up conference call or interview. Contact me at or 248-884-5964.

 Clean up our Great Lakes: Facebook Page