Exam 2! Virgin Airlines!!

           I was assigned the Virgin Airlines example. To help fill the planes I would start by creating social media pages. I would create a Twitter for the younger generations and update it with the deals that the airline would be offering. I would show the prices to the lowest airline tickets and the prices would hopefully catch peoples attention and bring them into our website. A lot of the time airline tickets are cheaper then what people think so once they see the low price it might urge them to plan a trip and book a flight. I would also create a Facebook page for the airline. Facebook pages reach out to the older crowd now so it would give them a chance to see the deals and what the airline has to offer as well. People can comment and share pictures with others of their experience with Virgin and show others what Virgin Airlines is all about.

            Along with the cliché Facebook and Twitter I would also create a blog. Blogs can be risky, I know that, but I feel it would help the airline. The blog would be a place for the customers that have traveled with the airline to talk about how their experience was. The blog could also be a way for customers to voice their opinions about what the airline can change and do to help accommodate more travelers. It would almost be like a suggestion box that could be helpful. A blog would also be filled with negative comments. People who did not like their flight can write mean things that might push other people away from traveling with the airline. Even the negative comments can be helpful and teach the company what not to do and what they need to improve on so that the negative comments on the blog start to become more positive. (The New Media Driver's License. Page 67) (The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Page 64)

            When trying to advertise things, people pay attention to the deals that each company has. If Virgin Airlines chose a hotel chain (we will call it Travel Hotels) that is in most cities that the airline travels they could create a deal for travelers. If travelers booked a hotel room with “Travel Hotels’” and flew through Virgin Airlines then they could get a discount on their airline ticket. It would generate business for both companies. The hotel would get more customers because those customers would want to get a discount on their airfare by booking their hotel room.  Not many airlines that I know of have that so it could stick out in people’s minds when they go to book a flight.

            To target certain groups like vacationer, I could research the busiest time for air travel and lower prices to compete with my competitors. I still have to make a profit so the prices couldn’t be unbelievably low, but just low enough to generate business on my website instead of others. I can also use Google AdWords and figure out the most searched terms when searching for a flight or a vacation and create my website around them. (The New Media Driver's License. Page 191)

            To advertise to other customers such as business people I would go to LinkedIn. I would create small adds in the corner of the page and advertise what my airline has to offer that others don’t. Business people are always traveling to meetings, new potential sites, and to other branches of their business and need airline tickets. You could also come up with a deal through LinkedIn that they would allow the Virgin Airline icon to be added to someone’s profile who flew their airline frequently if you gave them a small percentage of each person that found your airline through their website, LinkedIn.  The icon would visible to others and many people look up to others on LinkedIn and they could possibly travel with you all because the business person they look up to had your icon in their profile. (The New Media Driver's License. Page 105)

           Last but not least I would make the Virgin Airlines site mobile. Now a day no one really sits down at their computer to search the Internet, they are all using their mobile devises like smartphone and tablets. By creating an app for Virgin Airlines it would make it easier for people to book a flight right a way. They would create an account with all of their information and it would always keep them logged in. When they needed a flight they would open the app and just type their destination and it would bring up the tickets to chose from It would be extremely convenient for people on the go, business people, or people who have family out of state causing them to travel a lot.  The world is moving at such a fast pace now that the easier it is for someone to search what they need the happier the customer is. (The New Rules of Marketing & PR: Page:  204)