Virgin Airlines Heads to the Top [exam 2]


To begin spreading the word of Virgin Airlines brand new expanded fleet the first thing we would do is set up various social media platforms. Obviously Facebook and Twitter would come first as they are the two most prominent. Virgin Airlines Facebook page would be updated to include the various aspects of their new line and would offer some type of incentive to the user who liked their page and was thinking of flying somewhere. These incentives could come in the form of exclusive coupons to discount the cost of a plane ticket, Virgin airlines apparel to help spread the word even more or coupons to wave baggage fees for a certain number of people.

Twitter would come next and we would set up a sort of sub-handle for the expanded fleet. We would then go along the same lines as we did with Facebook, allowing new followers the chance at coupons or various apparel. With Twitter it would be important for us to advertise our new Twitter handle using the old one. This would help us drive traffic to our new Twitter page and would increase awareness about the recent upgrade.

Setting up a very keyword rich blog will be another step in our digital marketing strategy. Not only will this allow us to spread even more news to a wider target market but it will also help us with SEO. Using the Google keyword tool I was able to come up with several phrases that we could use throughout our blog posts and might consider setting up with Google Adwords. Some of these phrases include:

  • Cheap airlines
  • Airline companies
  • Virgin airlines

Becoming a strong player with SEO will be a vital step in competing with Delta and reaching our goals. If we do not do this step well, then we risk not showing up in searches and tanking the whole operation.

Back-linking will also be an important aspect of our blog and other social media sites. This will drive traffic to all of the sites that we have set up for the new Virgin Airlines. According to resource 2-11 of the NMDL book there are several things to consider when writing a very SEO friendly blog, some of which include:

  • Update content regularly
  • Think keywords
  • Use links

When it comes to blogging, another important aspect is thought leadership. If we can find some way to help our community with their travel needs, even if they are not travelling with us, we can show them that we actually care about our customers and we are not just out to make money off of them. I strongly feel that creating thought leadership would propel us past Delta and would fill the seats of our newly acquired planes. We could have a guide on how to properly prepare for a trip or even an important things to remember before travelling post on the company blog. These would be useful to your everyday traveler, even if they were using an alternative method of transportation, and would help get our name out there.

Setting up Google Adwords

This will probably be one of the most costly parts of the digital marketing strategy because we will have to pay for each keyword that we want to advertise on but in the end the benefits should outweigh the sacrifices. We will advertise on the various keywords mentioned before as well as others that our team sees fit when the time comes to set up the campaign.

Google Adwords will be a huge part of our campaign due to how prominent Google is as a search engine. With a daily number of searches above 5 billion Google is a sure way to increase awareness and increase our ticket sales.

Public Relations

Our PR team will be in charge of our various social media sites and it will be very important for them to keep every page updated constantly. Interacting with our followers on Facebook and Twitter is going to be another huge aspect of the campaign because people become more attached to a company when they feel that they are a part of it. Responding to feedback, whether it be positive or negative, will be the primary focus of our PR team.

Press releases will be written for just about everything that we do during this campaign. Like I said before, it is important for our market to know what is going on within our company so it will be up to the PR team to write press releases and interact with reporters. Interacting with prominent bloggers will be another focus of the PR team. It would be huge for our company and our credibility if we could gain third party affirmation from popular travel bloggers like Christopher Elliott. David Meerman Scott says that not enough PR professionals are treating bloggers with the respect that they deserve and the gratitude that they deserve for helping companies like they do (pg. 70). According to Scott we need to do our best to provide the bloggers that we work with with the best information possible and as quickly as possible, they deserve to know what they are writing about and Virgin Airlines is going to do that.

Target Market

When targeting different markets we will obviously have different strategies. We may be able to offer group rates to businesses that are in need of a plane. We could advertise to these companies through different keywords using Google Adwords and these advertisements would bring users to a specific part of our site dedicated to supporting businesses.

When it comes to advertising and marketing our company to people going on vacations we could highlight the various amenities that we provide on each of our flights along with the affordable prices that our plane tickets go for. We could implement this plan through another blog devoted to showcasing all of the luxuries available on our aircraft or through press releases or travel bloggers.

All of these aspects of the campaign should work together to push us ahead of Delta and allow us to fill the seats of our newly acquired planes. With a strong sense of urgency and a desire to succeed, this plan coupled with traditional advertising will bring Virgin Airlines to the top.