Effective New Ways to Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Top 5 Enterprises Using Social Media

An article on Mashable written by Zachary Sniderman, describes the top five organizations that best utilize Social Media practices. I was most surprised to see that the list ranges from different businesses, from a wildlife non-profit to a popular office supply store, and everything in between. All five businesses implemented unique and highly strategic ways to deliver a message to their audiences.  The list includes the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Ann Taylor, the Muppets Studio, Whole Foods and Staples. Ann Taylor turned to Social Media when their Facebook fans were upset about their models being unnaturally thin. To resolve the issue, they posted photos of their actual employees modeling the clothing. I thought this example was particularly interesting because it shows that Social Media can be used to build valuable relationships between clients and corporations. To learn more about how these organizations used Social Media, click here, Cole/Mehraban, Page 21 Typing

5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Get You Instant Results

Business Insider compiled the most effective marketing tips that result in instant results. Their first suggestion is to ensure that your audience can participate in an easy and non-threatening way. You must establish your brand as being personal and approachable. Interacting with Social Media fans is more effective than talking at them. Another tip is to make sure that the content you’re sharing is valuable. People will stop paying attention to you if the only information you make available to them isn’t interesting or useful to them. I thought the most interesting tip they share is to not keep up with the Jones’. You must always analyze your competitor’s goals against your own. To learn about the other tips provided by Business Insider, follow this link, Cole/Mehraban, Page 29

What Your Social Network Says About You

POPSUGAR released an article sharing research regarding what people can learn about themselves from looking at their online profiles. According to the research:

  • Social trends can be predicted directly from our Twitter conversations
  • We value the advice and recommendations our online friends provide
  • We tend to like people more if they express themselves not only in person, but also online.

To see what other trends researchers saw from studying online profiles, visit their article here, Cole/Mehraban, Page 34

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