Incorporating Social Media Into My Life Starting NOW

First off, I'm not entirely social media illiterate but I definitely wouldn't qualify as being a social media guru to anyone who is the least bit tech savvy. To give some insight as to why my most current endeavours are in dire need of some "social sugar-coating," I am currently the public relations/events coordination intern for MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences and WKAR. Yes, it's a mouthful to say the least. Basically I'm helping to handle most of the public relations functions of the College as well as assisting in the planning and execution of events. As you can imagine these resources will be beyond beneficial!

Planning & Promoting Events via Social Media

With this source (found on page 16), the steps for preparing and putting on a successful event were outlined below:

  • Plan with social media tools
  • Organize & invite
  • Promote & distribute
  • Optimize the event for social media sharing
  • Post-event social media communication

I felt that these steps were important in that they illustrate that each step of the planning process involves a different aspect or tool of social media. Listening and using the feedback obtained from the audience (aka those attending/interested in your event) is vital to continue to pique their interest thus to have a successful event, especially one that may take place annually.

Blogging Tips: Creating Valuable Content

Blogging is something else that I have zero experience with, but I must say I don't hate reading blogs that others generate the content for. My problem is that I lack the inspiration and exciting life events that I believe to be neccesary for creating a compelling blog. After reading the tips below, I am anxious to apply some of these tactics not only through a personal blog but possibly for a blog for the College or a future company I am employed by. This resource (found on pages 58-59) listed suggestions for creating meaningful content:

  • Write on topics you are passionate about
  • Write often
  • Write on relevant topics
  • Write quality posts
  • Connect and respond to your readers
  • Offer your content for free
  • Connect with other bloggers

How to Gain Influence on Twitter

I am far from being a regular "tweeter" so any and all strategy suggestions for utilizing "the tweet" are welcomed! I have a hard time limiting my content to just 140 characters, being that I love to talk and explain in detail (a positive and negative quality in a PR major). This CNN Tech article (found on page 113) gave some useful insight on how to gauge the influence of my tweets as well as how to properly use the #hashtag. Primary topics that I found to be helpful throughout the source include:

  • Number of followers don't create influence
  • Re-tweets and mentions measures influence more accurately
  • Focused tweets
  • Using popular hashtags draw attention to your tweet
  • Be timely during breaking news

Rubik's cube featuring forms of social media

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