Social Media Is Changing Our Lives

The various articles I read made me realize one thing; social media is changing our lives.  Whether it be watching YouTube on your television through your gaming device or checking your Facebook on your smartphone, we are more globally connected today than we ever have been.

The Current and Future of Everyday Life With Social Media

From page 5 of The New Media Driver's License Resource Guide there is an article linked on the top 3 ways social media has changed our lives.  Brett Greene gives examples of the integration of old media and new media by saying "You’ll both watch TV and use the internet, but you’ll watch less TV and will be Twittering on your TV screen while you load a YouTube video."  This is a perfect example of the what is currently possible but may not be as readily available as it soon will be.  As things like "smart TV's" become more readily available using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. on the television while possibly watching a program on another picture on the same television will be seen more frequently in households.  This will give advertisers a way to directly connect people to the shows they may be watching and the brands featured in them.  

Social Media in the Business World

There are new blogs and websites popping up that show the best and most innovative ideas of social media in the business world today.  After searching through the website it is easy to see the vast amount of knowledge and idea's that are being shared throughout the Internet.  This site gives people insites on how to use social media to your advantage and gain recognition of possible employers as well as gives ideas out to those already employed.  Article such as "50 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media" give tips on how to use social media to your advantage when searching for jobs.  This is just one example of the vast amount of advice and ideas in this social media driven website.  90+ Essential Social Media Resources is another page that offers a wide variety of knowledge on how to use social media properly and effectively to promote yourself, a business, or anything you really want to promote.  

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