Facebook Page Promotion

The Facebook persona for Michigan Supports Creative Writing, is encouraging, light hearted and ultimately positive/happy in nature. The responses I will come up with for this page will promote positivity, even in the face of a negative comment. My persona will not apologize unless there is some kind of technical error with the page (e.g. broken link etc.) but instead offer something relative to the commenter by way of encouragement or an example of proof against or for their opinion and how it relates back to creative writing.

The people who are liking my page right now are mostly friends of mine, but I hope that this will lead to people with similar interests liking the page.  I want my comments to start interactions that start debates and sharing. Everyone sharing in their experiences and encouraging each other are what this page is all about.  For positive comments such as interactions with events that I have posted or encouraging words to other writers I will have responses such as:

“Nice work! Who is your favorite author? Do you feel like you can relate to them as a writer? What do you like about their writing. I am assuming that people who like this page have some interest in writing so this may get them to start sharing.

I will also have wall posts that ask for opinions about writing styles. I will post helpful blogs about using creativity in writing instead of formats.

For negative comments I would just keep it positive. If it is something like,

‘creative writing is a left wing waste of time.’

I would say something like, ‘I am sorry you feel that way, but creative writing has several subtle uses. Behind most genres of entertainment, there is some kind of creative writing at work. What kinds of entertainment do you like? Is there any form of writing that you prefer?

The questions that I would answer for the media offline would be distant, pleasant and professional. I am making a stance about the importance of Creative Writing in everyday life, so they would have to be bent on sinking my operation to ask me anything really unpleasant I think.

Media: “What made you start this page?”

My Page Persona: This page was started as a support movement for creative writing.  The belief is that everyone has something to contribute, they just need the proper encouragement. Creative writing is one of the best ways for people to leave their legacy, which is why we are creating awareness and showing support.

I would post articles from the  blogger on my page and reference it in some discussions. This could encourage the blogger to interact with the page more as it will bring more viewers to their site. I would post comments as the persona on the bloggers page that ask questions and references the intended audience. This would put the pages meaning into practice as well as have successful creative writers interacting. In google this I found a link to a great website for advice on building relationships with bloggers, (NMDL 169)

Here’s the link to my page Michigan Supports Creative Writing