Professors- Friends or Enemies?

Building the Facebook page for ‘MSU Professors- Your Friend or Your Enemy,’ I had to be aware of all possibilities from making this page. I would receive positive comments from followers (those who go/went to MSU/students in general), negative comments from those that may not agree (professors themselves/their families/or someone who hasn’t had a bad experience), and how I would react to each of these scenarios.

In the rise of positive comments, I will continue to grow the page to make sure those who need their stories to be heard, will be heard. I will make sure when these comments come about that I will see in that these are actually positive comments and not a follower that is in my favor, but may be bashing professors in a negative fashion. I will make sure to address each type of positive comments by:

1.     Replying with positive enforcement to those who have positive things to say about the topic- meaning those who have made an intelligent comment about the subject.

2.     Replying to those who agree, but have made a negative comment or judgment about the subject by concentrating on the appropriate arguments rather then feeding in to the negativity.


Like anything there will always be those who disagree or don’t like what you have to say and will make sure they are heard. I can already assume there will be those who will think that I am being unjust with calling out professors or professionals in such a manor, but it is in my rights to have my own opinion. I will kindly address these comments by agreeing that they too have their own opinion, but this page is for those who also agree. There are also two types of negative comments in this sense and I will react to these comments by:

1.     Replying to those who disagree, but have done it in a mature manner by looking at their point of view and thanking them kindly for their opinion and input.

2.     For those who post nasty, distasteful comments I will kindly ask them to revaluate the way they feel and possibly remove them from the page itself. This page was created for positive feedback to those who feel that the professors here at Michigan State University are not up to par.


Along with the positive and negative comments I may receive, I can assume that with a big enough reach with students that my topic will eventually come to the desks of the media. Through their questioning I can only tell them my personal experiences and stories because it is my word that they are hearing this from not fact. The media would be able to ask questions such as “Who specifically?” and I would only respond without names to make sure that we are not attacking them, but getting the word out in general of this topic.


Once my page has grown enough that I have the general student population here at Michigan State involved, I would reach out to a blogger such as another student or one who has connections with other professors to grow the subject beyond the walls of Michigan State University. I eventually want this to be a subject that is discussed at every college, everywhere. I don’t believe it is just here that the professors give students a rough time. I want other students to know they are in the same boat and to speak out about it and maybe you can make a change. I would also like someone to blog about it because I believe that if this reaches professors there could be a possibility of discussion within them to possibly make an effort to change the way they are teaching.


I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe there can be a way that we make a ‘law’ or general rule that makes sure professors aren’t like this. Instead of doing (SIRS) evaluations at the end of the semester (where students are rushing to get out for their break and just write down anything) we make an assistant dean visit or sit in on a class (by surprise) to make sure they are adequately doing their job.