Roommate Protective Services Initiative

Roommate Protective Services Initiative 


The goal of the Roommate Protective Services Initiative Facebook page is to raise awareness and build support for roommate protective services. Comments both from supporters and detractors will be given diligent attention. 

When responding to comments that are positive in nature or general feedback from cause supporters priority is centered on being timely and individually attentive. Specifically it will be a priority to respond to positivity immediately, but the response should not be so quick as to seem generic. Any engagement should be thoughtful and reference information presented by the follower.  Depending on the nature of the comment we may provide additional resources in our respond. 

Few opponents of the cause are anticipated, however negative feedback is inevitably expected. Quick and effective response to is the objective for dealing with  comments. Constructive criticism and valid negative critiques will remain on the page, and responded to if a constructive retort is possible. However graphic or viscous negativity toward the cause will be removed. If the content of the comment is meant to be nothing more than blatantly offensive it will be taken down so the offensive nature of the post is not spread. 

Questions from the media will be death with on an individual basis. Any press for our cause is welcome at this point and we will go out of our way to accommodate media questions both online and through other channels. Our goal is to spread awareness and the communicating with the media is the best way to publicize our cause.

In pitching a blogger to cover the Roommate Protective Services Initiativepage there are a few different aspects that could be covered. First the page can be a forum for suffering victims to share their story and need for roommate protective services intervention. A blogger could also approach covering the page from a proactive angle and provide helpful information for cohabiting with a variety of roommates. Finally a blogger could angle coverage around helpful services such as best cleaning methods, tips for roommate confrontation, and information on finding a sublease.