Optimizing My Detroit Red Wings Blog

Over the last two weeks I have gone from no blogging experience, to making my very own blog, to learning how to optimize my blog to become more popular on google searches. By writing about something that is very passionate to me, I have found blogging to be quite easy and fun. It is easy to speak your mind about things that interest you when you run your own blog. I had to use different key words to make sure I would be easily searchable to someone using google. I am writing about a very popular sports franchise so the words I choose have to be about very specific ideas or events in order to not get buried among the other google results, this is talked about in (Google This, pg 210). Even a single letter change can have a dramatic effect on how your site is shown in google's search results. By making a word plural or singular can make it a hit or a miss depending on what was searched. In (The New Rules of Marketing and PR, pg 303) the article talking about the Coasta Rica Expedition explains that by using a vague term such as "vacation" you could get over a hundred million hits on google. By using key words such as expedition or adventure, you will come across sites that are not as mainstream and may be a better choice than highly popular tourist sites. In my blog, I used some vague terms such as NHL Winter Classic so readers would still see what it is that they are reading, but I also added keywords such as "Ann Arbor, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, and Outdoor Hockey" because there would be less results for more specific words like those. By using all my keywords on Squidoo and Google Analytics, I plan to see the amount of views on my blog increase due to the increase in SEO. 

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