“Pizza! Pizza!” A phrase that has become widely known as the trademark of the now third largest Pizza Chain in the nation, Little Caesars.  After researching this company a little further and discovering Google Adwords, I have discovered some of the keywords that are relevant in the searches produced by consumers. Little Caesars Pizza is the most common search directly related to my site with an average of 74,000 searches per month, right behind the more general search of ‘pizza’ with an average of 673,000 searches per month.  Another key search that would be beneficial in adding to my campaign would be ‘pizza places’.  People are always looking for a quick and easy option to satisfy their need for pizza in general, and if our website is one of the first ones that is listed in this search, I would predict that there would be an increase in sales.  Having a keyword search for ‘Little Caesars Locations’ is also one of the most important searches to add to the campaign for the fact that it will lead people to the point of the sale.

To direct more traffic to the site, my sample ad text for the campaign would look similar to the following:

Little Caesars Pizza

Made with the freshest ingredients

Hot and Ready for pick-up


Once this is complete, I then need to figure out what audience it is that I want to target, and what my budget will be for this campaign.  I will be targeting primarily the group of 18-24 years olds, or college kids, because of the low price available in which they can afford.  I will secondarily be targeting the age group of 25-34 or post college grads that have not yet developed the need to cook for themselves or may not have families yet.  The budget for this campaign should be based off of the notion that the historical CPC for Little Caesars has been $0.00-$1.00 and there is an average of 2.5K impressions per week.