Summer School is Better at MSU

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to school during a different part of the year?  What if instead of spending more than half of our college career in the freezing cold and snow filled walks to class, we went to class when the weather was warm and got to enjoy the beauty of this campus much more than we did now.

               MSU campus in the summer   This idea inspired me to start the facebook page MSU New School Months.  In my first post I proposed that the spring semester should be switched to start at the end of March and go until the first week in July.  The fall semester would begin in the last week of July and go just until before Thanksgiving break.  This would then give the students the winter months off for the holidays anyways, and would also encourage you to work harder during your internships since you wouldn’t be tempted by the nice weather.  We then would be able to enjoy more of the beauty and outdoor activities that this campus has to offer that are not available during the winter months.

                  I started off by inviting all my fraternity members and other friends on campus to like the page.  There was a somewhat popular response with 15 immediate likes to the page.  Friends and other students will most likely be the ones liking this page and supporting it with positive comments such as this would be awesome, or I would love to be here in the summer months.  Some Negative comments or people that may not fully support this plan would be professors or administration.  It goes against the traditional school year and would be a major adjustment in their work schedule.  It would also affect the incoming freshman from high school, since they would likely not change the school year schedule at that level either.

                  I would probably pitch this idea to a blogger who blogs about college topics such as College Magazine that covers a variety of different topics relating to college students.  This would generate the kind of response I would be looking for since the majority of the readers are at the college level.  It would get the word buzzing about this topic and maybe even spark interest at other campuses and possibly have an affect there as opposed to just one campus.