Blow Your Nose AdWord Campaign

After researching Kleenex and customer’s purchase reasons and social media references about the brand, I decided on the best keywords for the Kleenex Google AdWords campaign. Many social media references simply referred to Kleenex  as a product for colds and sad situations. Searches of the brand came up with new promotional items, like Kleenex towels. These initial keywords included “Kleenex”, “tissue,” “colds”, “cold and flu season”, “sniffles”, “softest facial tissue”, “blowing your nose”, and “cold remedies”. After developing a list of keywords I created two ad campaigns around these words.  One for general Kleenex use and one geared towards seasonal/ colds usage. The campaign themes were decided on relevant timing and customers’ online activity around the brand. Below are the campaigns:


Voted Softest Facial Tissue
20% off Fall Tissue Boxes

Kleenxe Tissues
Cold and Flu Season Essential
Your Nose’s Best Friend


These Kleenex Google AdWord campaigns are being geared towards mother’s and purchase makers in families. Also being targeted are costumers with colds and flus who would be in need of Kleenex.


To determine the budget I researched other similar campaigns and AdWords in general. I decided upon a starter/ test budget of $1500 that would be adjusted with the campaigns success. This number came from Pete Kennedy’s suggestion in his article Google AdWords: How Much Should I Spend.  The Campaign would run the general ad all year round and the cold and flu season ad during the fall and winter seasons. These ads would appear on websites geared towards women 30+ years old (ex. Women’s Health, Martha Steward, etc.).