Tasty Halloween Pinning

Fleishchmann's Yeast posted a contest to pinterest that requires Pinterest users to bring out their Halloween holiday spirit and pin their favorite recipes for the fall season! The contest has Pinterest users follow their page "@BeabetterBaker" and pin some of their favoirte Halloween recipes on a board named "Hauntingly Delicious Halloween treats."

I decided to create my board and focus on my favorite holiday style with incorporating everything from healthy Halloween dinner ideas, tasty drinks to some awesome (adult) spooky beverages. Check out my board here! 

Chapter six of "Google This" highlights the uses of Pinterest. I found John Brandon's "Nine tips to boost your business with Pinterest" article particularly interesting. I tried to keep the same aesthetic Brandon mentions by keeping my boards elegant and simple, this is more appealing to the eye and especially important if you are a business making use of pinterest. An interesting concept he also included was to promote more than just YOUR product. Your product most likely revolves around a lifestyle that your brand wants to live up to, give the users tips and trick on other ways to achieve this lifestyle to further promote the brand foundation behind your company. Mitt Ray also establishes another good tip on page 105 of “Google This” by saying it is important to use original images to drive traffic, use images that your company specifically generated, tag them and watch others share and visit your page to check out what else your company is promoting and if they are interested in becoming a customer of yours.