Interest in Pinterest


The Pinterest contest I entered was hosted by a company whose mission is to spread optimism to as many people as they possibly can, Life is Good. I chose this company because of the positive impact and image they portray through their products and website.  Life is Good’s main focus is spreading positive feelings, moods, and attitudes through not only its products but by providing people a social medium where they can share words of optimism or upload videos/pictures that reflect optimism. Their products are very diverse and consist of shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pants, shorts, hats, mugs, coffee, and much more. I hope but am almost certain that my participation in this contest will help promote Life is Good to help them succeed at their mission. Any company that aims to improves someone’s level of happiness is going to get support from me.

description of contest

The contest requires you to first follow their Pinterest account: Lifeisgoodco. Then I had to create a unique board on my Pinterest account and title it “Life Is Good Wish List.” On the unique board that I had to create I was required to pin ten of their products that I would want for myself from the Life is Good website.  For each pin that I pinned to the unique board, I also had to include the tag #LifeisgoodWishlist. The last step to the contest is to e-mail the link to my “Life is Good Wish List” to The winner is then randomly chosen from the pool of Pinterest users who entered the contest and successfully followed the requirements. 

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