Go Green, Go White, Go Paperless!

I created my Facebook page on going paperless with billing and advertisements.  When managing a Facebook page, I think it is very important to always interact with the fans on their posts on the page and their comments on the posts, whether they are positive or negative. When fans are posting positive comments, it is important to respond in a positive manner and engage in conversation.  I plan to ask questions and provide more information on specific topics to deepen the relationships with the fans.  I feel like my page could attract a lot of attention from college students and people in their twenties because it’s our generation who is the most supporting of “going green.”  I plan to respond to negative attention as well, but in a nice professional way.  I will avoid arguments on the page if it leads to that, but I will provide more information to the people who disagree with my cause and they can read up on it more if they so please to.  I don’t want negative attention to my page.  I can see older people disagreeing with my cause because they are used to getting bills in the mail, and I am suggesting moving to a more convenient form such as receiving them through email. 

 To respond to the media asking about more information, a press release would be necessary.  According to Mickey Kennedy’s article Five Things to Check Before Sending out your Press Release it is important to start by about who is asking for more information about your organization.  Know the names of who you are communication with and be personable with them.  Then follow that with getting all the facts straight about my organization and all the information I am providing is correct.  It is also very important to make sure to provide my contact information at the end of the release. 


To initiate a blogger to do a post on my Facebook page, I would start with reaching out to a blog that is related and attempt to develop a personal relationship with them.  I would ask questions about their blog and their interest on the issue and then reciprocate by telling them how I am also interested in the cause.  Then proceed to talk about Facebook page I created and get a conversation about doing a blog post on it going.  I think it is very important to build personal relationships to get positive attention toward your organization.