Creating Your Dream Restaurant

After searching through multiple Pinterest contests online, I came to one in particular that caught my eye as well as my imagination. The contest came from Food Service Warehouse who wanted inspiration from its Pinterest followers to create their dream cafe, bar, or restaurant by creating a new Pinterest board with 20 pins consisting of their dream restaurant; what is in it, the appliances used, the atmosphere, etc. In the Pinterest board there had to be at least half of the pins coming from the site, and each pin had to be tagged with #Foodie and #DreamFSW. Once finished with our Dream Restaurant Pinterest board, we had to comment on the Food Service Warehouse blog with a link to our Pinterest Board. After submitting your board, a panel of Food Service Warehouse judges will go through each board looking for creativity, originality, and adhereance to the rules.

While going looking for restaurants to pin on my board that had great atmospheres, I came across this picture of a ski resort restaurant in Charmonix, France. Incredible, huh?

Ski Resort Restaurant in Charmonix, France.

THIS is the link to the blog where we had to comment with our link to the Pinterest board that we created. If you do not see my comment at the end of the comment section, it is because my comment is awaiting approval from the administrator of the site. It states that the contest ended October 17, 2013, so I will not be able to win the contest but it was fun making a Pinterest board consisting of my dream restaurant!