The Palace of the NBA, Home of the Pistons


As we begin our work on our final presentations, I have decided to choose the Detroit Pistons as my client. Coming from the Detroit area, I am excited about working on a campaign for one of my favorite sports teams. When it comes to thinking about legitimate keywords to use in such a campaign, a few come to mind. They include NBA, Detroit, Basketball, Pistons, The Palace, Auburn Hills and The Bad Boys. All of these are keywords that I believe will best place searchers that are interested in the team onto the advertisement. Here is one way that I learned more about how to create solid adword content.

A sample text advertisement for the Detroit Pistons could be one of the following:

  • Live, Breathe, Basketball
  • URL Placed Here
  • Detroit Pistons 2013-2014
  • The Palace of the NBA
  • URL Placed Here
  • Home Court of the NBA’s Most Exciting Team
  • The Bad Boys are Back
  • URL Placed Here
  • From the 80’s, to the 2000’s, and now back in the 2010’s

With this being said, there is without a doubt an audience in which I am going after. I have narrowed this group to young adults and professionals in the Metro Detroit area, aged 18-35. Although many may think that this isn’t necessarily the widest range of fans to reach out to, I strongly believe that the majority of the targeted audience falls within this age group and description.

As far as the budgeting goes for our advertising, I believe that we will be working with a comfortable budget. I would have to wait until creating these Adwords until I could give an exact number, however, definitely in the tens thousands of dollars. Personally I am thinking 50 to 70 thousand dollars. Being a professional sports team, there will be increased amounts of revenue. We have an overall goal of getting our brand image and reputation out to the public in a way that conveys the Detroit Pistons on an up and coming level. They are definitely a team that is rebuilding, and this is our plan because everyone knows that the Pistons have been great historically. We will revitalize the Detroit Pistons image and solidify the idea of success into others. I learned the importance of setting a realistic budget for Adwords from this NY Times Article.