Defining Yourself through your Online Presence

Facebook has quickly become one of the most important social media sites ever. It has become not only a great way to connect with friends and family, but also a great marketing tool. Frank Barry (pg. 73) developed eleven awesome tips to make both your FaceBook profile and mine as powerful as it can be. Don’t recycle old content, you can scroll down your wall and see the same people posting the same things day after day. STOP! Make your posts conversational, engage people, give them useful and helpful posts that can help them in their everyday lives. Connect your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to your FaceBook profile so people can find you easily.

Up until recently I had been relatively inexperienced with Linkedin. Although I had a profile, I didn’t really know how to use it properly. Guy Kawasaki’s blog “How to Change the World” (pg. 80) gave me some great tips on how to build my Linkedin profile to be competitive in today’s job market. If I had to pick one keyword to describe what I would take away from this article it would be “connections.” The more connections you have, the better. And the more connections you have means the more people will see your profile when they are looking for someone to do business with. Who wouldn’t want that? Also just don’t list your current employer, you are pigeonholing yourself and limiting the number of connections you could build. If you were a chemical engineer before you became a gym teacher, list it!

I always thought Twitter was a place to rant and voice your opinions, but it’s so much more. Twitter can be used to promote your business as well, and Charlene Kingston (pg. 87) explains how. Customize everything. Twitter gives you the option to customize your profile, so create an awesome graphic that will show what your company can really do. Change your profile picture as well! I know that selfie you took last Thursday night is pretty awesome, but why not use the profile picture as a way to show off your awesome company logo? Your tweets can be as visual as you want them to be, so include a picture when you tweet. People are very visual creatures, and they love to see what your company has been up too.

Your online presence can lead to awesome opportunities, so start getting connected.

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