Promoting Rick's American Café through Google AdWords

The company I chose to start my Google AdWords campaign for is Rick’s American Café located not only in East Lansing, but Ann Arbor as well. To pick keywords I first researched the companies website to get some inspiration. I avoided one-word keywords because they are too vague for them to hold any relevance if someone is searching for those words. The keywords I chose are as follows:

  • No cover
  • East Lansing ricks
  • Ann Arbor ricks
  • In East Lansing
  • In Ann Arbor
  • Fridays East Lansing
  • Fridays Ann Arbor
  • Ann Arbor visit
  • Pizza palooza
  • Half off Tuesdays

I decided on these keywords because they represent both locations of Rick’s American Café as well as a few of the specials they have. The keywords are words that people who know about Rick’s would be googling. But I also included keywords for people who just plan on visiting either city and might be curious what there is to do at night. I composed a few ads that would appear if people were googling for Rick’s:

1. Rick’s American Café

    Great drinks and grub!

    Specials every night!

2. East Lansing Nightlife

    Live entertainment!

    Amazing food and drink specials!

3. Ann Arbor Nightlife

    Live entertainment!

    Amazing food and drink specials!

I wrote these ads for my campaign because they reflect the venues, the type of entertainment provided, the food and beverages supplied, as well as both locations of the establishment. I kept them short and sweet and provided direct links to the Rick’s American Café website. My target audiences for these ads are college aged students at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, their families, and the tailgate crowds that come through East Lansing and Ann Arbor. Based on my research I decided to a lot $300 per month ($10 per day) to Google AdWords. I based this off of my 10 keywords which each had a max cost per click of $1.86. This $300 budget would allow for 161 clicks total on any of my keywords at their max cost per click. I am confident that the cost per click will end up costing considerably less than $1.86 but to error on the side of caution I thought a $300 budget to be reasonable. I also limited my geographic location for the Google AdWords campaign to any state that contained a Big Ten school, because those states contain people who will be traveling to Ann Arbor and East Lansing for tailgating and other various events.