Lululemon Campaign

                  An effective strategy for an individual to understand how a Google AdWord campaign works is to create one their self.  To demonstrate, I will walk through a mock process to go about an effective strategy.  For my example I chose the company Lululemon. 

                  Before deciding which AdWords to use it is important to understand the company at hand.  By knowing your brand you can create effective keywords and prepare for what your target consumer may search for.  The audiences I plan to target are active individuals between the ages of 18-45.  Though the brand does sell athletic wear for men, Lululemon’s primary target are middle/upper class females that primarily live in North America.  The company’s top competitors include Nike, Adidas, and Under Amor.  My campaign will target females who are dedicated to fitness and embrace the yoga lifestyle of stress free.  Their core values include having fun creating a great product, while maintaining integrity and balance.  Lululemon creates hip, athletic materials, that ensure high quality product.  Knowing this information some keywords I would include would be fitness, health & wellness, athletic gear, yoga, quality gear, lululemon, lululemons, overpriced clothing, clothing stores, and sporting goods manufacture.  Ad group ideas included yoga clothing and workout.  The suggested bid was around $2.00


                  Lululemon is a relatively young company that has rapidly grown over the last several years.  The company focuses on creating a community with their target market and create conversation.  The brand actively uses social media to their advantage and encourages their consumers to post pictures in their active gear.  Lululemon encourages being regularly involved in strategic and team sales by working with local yoga studios and athletic groups to inspire and spread their brand.   By spreading the brands message Lululemon in turn creates conversation. 


                  Moreover, a very important aspect when creating Google AdWords for your campaign is creating a budget that makes sense with your company.  Lululemon Athletica’s fisical revenue for 2013 is estimated to be between $ 1.625- $1.630 billion dollars.  A good way to estimate how much money your company should spend is by researching Google keyword planner.   Using the keyword planner I narrowed my product category to sport & fitness apparel, and targeted the United States. By doing so I estimate that my campaign for Lululemon’s  Google AdWords would have daily estimates of 0-6.26K clicks and 0-19,262 cost.   


            Additionally, another important factor to include is considering ad text for your campaign.  The ad text I created is


Free Health Insurance!

Community. Enlighten. Get Active, Get Well.   

Visit to get started!


Free Personal Trainer!

Warm, Quality, Experience.

Walk into Lululemon now to redeem the offer!


I believe these ad text grabs the attention of the consumer by highlighting a catchy topic.  I believe this would be fitting for Lululemon’s campaign because it embodies their message of living an active lifestyle.  Living active creates wellness in one’s life and creates a shared support with that individual’s active communities.  Lululemon stores promote free yoga and self defense classes throughout their community. 


                  Next time you are eager to create Google AdWords consider my example while working on your promotion!


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