Reasons To Becoming A Professional Blogger

Is Blogging Really Dead? 

Nowadays, almost everybody has a blog. Blog can have a variety of uses, you can write your dairies in personal blog, and manage your business on corporate blog. Blogging is growing rapidly. However, in the article Blogging Is Dead Just like the Web is Dead (p57), a New York Times story says blogging is declined and young people are using other social networks like Facebook instead.

The author stated that "blogging is dying" theory is similar to the "web is dead" argument many years ago. The truth is the web is evolving and expanding, and although Facebook and Twitter have led many away from blogging because they are much easier to use, they also both helped to reinforce blogging in many ways. I agree with the author. I have seen many people wrote on their blogs, and then share links to it via Twitter and Facebook.

One thing that shouldn't be ignored is that comparing with Twitter and Facebook, blogs gives users more difficulties during using experience. I think blogging website like could simplify their settings and functions to gain more users from Facebook and Twitter. I posted on blogs to, and I know how complicated settings bothering.

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Blog, A Mainstream Media Platform

In another article, The Future Of Blogging Might Surprise You (p57), the author stated that despite the success of other media venues like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, blog leadership has increased steadily and is expected to continue on an upward path. If you think about the advent of social media, try blogging! However, the author also pointed out that blogging was always hard because writing is hard. Everyone is not a writer. Everyone is not a blogger.

I have the same feelings about it, when I tried to post something on my blog; I found it was hard to begin and to organize the content and paragraphs. Building a blog and posting on it are not easy, but since blog is "the glory of a personal voice" and a mainstream media platform, it is really worthy for us to become professional bloggers。



Try To Become A Blogger Today!

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