Facebook Pages - A Great Way to Organize Your Public Relations

Focusing on issues around us

I've made a Facebook page about one issue that may need concern in MSU. The name of this Facebook page is "MSU Needs More Brody Buses." Brody complex now is not just a residents neighborhood with cafeteria, it also has classrooms! In my last semester I had two classes at Brody and it took me a really long time to catch a route 31 Brody bus, while other buses were so many and easy to wait. The result is Brody buses always carry full of students, and the drivers have to tell other students who can’t get on to wait for the next bus, and it takes a long time to wait again. Once I missed twice of the bus, I finally give up the class attendance.

We welcome a variety of comments

This issue is concerned by many of my friends. When I invited them to like the page I received their support. I would like to tell the supporters they could upload pictures of how crowded the Brody buses are and the long queue towards the buses at each station. I can choose the best ones and put them on the Facebook page. If this page wins support, it is the supporters are hoping to improve this issue so they pay attention to this page. As the page builder, we need to let the supporters to believe the problem would be solved one day. This is not easy. The page is welcomed for everybody to share their comments about this issue, negative feedbacks are also welcome. As the page creator, we could look at and reply to those negative comments to figure out what are the things we didn’t notice. We need to think about why they have negative feedbacks with our Facebook page, and finally help the page improve.


How to pitch?

If the media noticed the Facebook page and have questions or want more information and follow-up offline, page creators should conduct surveys or interviews with them go provide information they want. To pitch this Facebook page to bloggers, the first step is to comment on the blogger’s posts attach with the page’s website. To promote Facebook page is similar with promoting your blog. As the blog editor Darren Rowse said, one of the most powerful ways of exposing your writing new group of people is to put some of your best content on other people’s blogs, and not your own!