Pin It to Win It: Pinterest Contests

*Notice: I posted a comment on this week's assignment board, but I am also posting here. My name is mispelled in this system. My name is Paul Cleaveland. You will notice that there is an E missing after the V in my last name. Please correct this. Thank you*


Pin Contest

For this week’s assignment I was tasked with entering a Pinterest Contest. I scrolled through the contests page found here, and came across one that struck me immediately. TAILGATING! Who doesn’t love to Tailgate? This tailgating contest was sponsored by Foodsaver Brands. Click the link to view their website, or click here to view their Facebook page. So as I came across this Tailgating Contest, I clicked on the contest to read more. This contest required me to do the following things:

  • Follow the FoodSaver brand on Pinterest at
  • Create a Pinterest board called “Tackle Tailgates with FoodSaver Vaccuu, Sealers” and repin this contest overview image to your board
  • Pin at least 10 images that illustrate your perfect tailgate, including 5 for our “Tackle Tailgates with FoodSaver Vaccuum Sealers” board.
  • Tag each image with #TailgateWithFoodSaver.

I’ll now walk you through how I did each of the contest requirements.

  1. First off, I went to Foodsaver's Pinterest by clicking this link. Once I got there, I clicked “Follow All”. I am now following Foodsaver brands on Pinterest.
  2. The next thing I had to do was create a new board for this contest, as per our assignment rules, as well as these contest rules. The board can be found here.
  3. After that, I was then required to pin 10 images depicting a perfect tailgate, including 5 images from their Tailgates board, found here. You will notice when clicking on my board, that in order to increase my chances, I picked all 10 of my items from their board, in hopes to schmooze my way into the contest winner’s circle.
  4. Lastly, I had to tag each image with the hashtag #TailgateWithFoodSaver. If you look at my board and the items pinned, you will see each on starts off with this hashtag.

This is what was required of me to enter the Pinterest contest. From what I could tell, not a lot of people entered this contest, as the contest was not repined that many times. Despite me being two weeks late on the deadline, perhaps there is still a chance!


Now, I was not sure if this is all that was required of us this week, or if we were still supposed to post 3 resources that we found useful/interesting in the reading as it was not specified in the assignment. I was also confused because this week seems to be relative to Pinterest, and while Pinterest is covered in Chapter 6 of our Google This textbook, we were assigned Chapter 7 which is not at all relative to Pinterest. I’m taking a chance here, but I read Chapter 6 instead as I felt it was the most appropriate. I would wait to get an answer, but I’m afraid I need to submit my homework today. So listed below are the 3 links I found most useful from Chapter 6 of the Google This book. If in fact there was no error and I was supposed to read chapter 7, not 6, I apologize.

The first link I found useful was intended for people like me. It is a beginner’s guide to Pinterest basics. I’ve never used Pinterest before, and actually looked up one of these and posted it as one of my resources for this week. This linke shows users who are new to Pinterest and looking to get better aquinted with the site exactly how to do that. It provides in depth details about the do’s and don’ts and how to get everything you can out of Pinterest.

The next link I found had a very educational, interesting, and entertaining info-graphic about Pinterest. I found myself effortlessly reading through all the information, correcting some of my preconceived notions about the site, and learning a little bit more about it as well.

The last link I posted refers to the over-clutter of Pinterest feeds and how to stop that from happening. The author recommends signing up for Pingraphy which will post your pins on a schedule to avoid overflow and “pinning rampage” as the author puts it. I don’t believe I’ll use it because I won’t be pinning enough to utilize it, but I found it clever and interesting and useful for people that might need a service like this.

That’s my assignment for this week. Please find below a list of the links required of me this week: