Social say what?

Say What?

This weeks assignment was all about Social Profiles. I already had a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (the profile of my choice). I didn't have a LinkedIn, so that was interesting creating that. I felt a little out of the loop once I saw all of the people and businesses that are a part of LinkedIn. Social media profiles are becoming very important. 

I am hoping that I find LinkedIn more beneficial then these three men

In My Opinion...

I think most people have social media sites for recreational use. They want to meet new people, creep on people, share photos, share stories, connect with family members and stay "hip". I dont think people create social media sites to really learn about media per say, most people just want a way to look into their friends, families or acquaintances lives without being out right nosey. Twitter to me is just for fun. People can post the most outrageous things and they don't have to explain it because 'it's Twitter'. LinkedIn is much more sophisticated than the other social media sites. It is used in a professional sense. No bullshit. 

According to David 

In the Intro of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Scott talks about how social networks are important to voters. I found this statisitc very interesting that "...66% of American social media users ... have used social media for civic or political activities ..." (Scott pg 1). Some of these activites were posting thoughts about the election and showing support for a candidate. Scott goes to the length of even saying that social media may have made the difference in the election between Obama and Romney. I have to say that I agree with that. I think social media has grown immensely over the past ten years, and more and more people are starting to branch out and use it not just as a 'recreational use'. Reading from The New Rules of Marketing and PR has made me change my mind a bit, imagine that.