What I Have Learned About Blogging Through PR Internship Experience

After my first internship at WordWrite Communications in Pittsburgh, I learned the significance of blogging. My co-workers were hardcore believers that every company should have a blog.

At my internship this summer at Burson-Marsteller, I learned that blogging is even more important than I thought. I learned that bloggers could be contacted just as traditional journalists to talk about products and services. They even have a blogger outreach program for Hormel Foods. Every few weeks, the other interns and I would go to nearby grocery stores and stock up on Hormel product to send to our bloggers.

This idea was even highlighted in Google This by Richard Cole and Derek Mehraban:

“Blogs are media and dealing with bloggers requires the same attention to media relations as public relations has paid, and still pay, to traditional reporters, editors and publishers” (Cole and Mehraban, 2013, pg. 51).

As an intern at B-M, I was given the opportunity to attend BlogHer 2013. I represented Hormel’s RevWrap. I talked with bloggers and gave them information about the RevWrap in hopes of some being interested in blogging for Hormel.

We targeted “mommy bloggers” and “foodies” because Hormel offers consumer products that are great for families. This is similar to David Meerman Scott’s third use of blogs for marketing and pr: “work with the bloggers who write about your industry, company, or products” (Scott, 2013, pg. 84).

Here is a picture of Lizet, another intern, at BlogHer 2013 and me.

Me and Lizet at BlogHer

But sometimes, blogs can be read for leisure. I follow a few blogs, and not all of them are selling a product. Some are selling ideas or teach me about the industry I will one day work in. This is why I like this excerpt from Google This, “start participating in blogs that interest you. And at the very least, this will make you a better writer” (Cole and Mehraban, 2013, pg. 43).

Here is the blog I created for my New Media Driver’s License class. It is titled "College PR Girl".

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