Gimme an "S". Gimme an "E". Gimme an "O".

When I began this assignment the text, Google This, directed me to the YouTube video, The Basics of Search Engine Optimization by In a sense, Google This did something similar to what our assignment is. It directed me to find this video to learn more about SEO. One of my classmates and I wrote guest blogs for each other’s blogs where we were encouraging their readers to read our blogs.

To SEO my WordPress blog, I set up a Google Analytics account and linked them together. I also used Yoast to set templates for my titles and descriptions to my pages. I chose not to set up any social settings because this blog is for this class. I will go back to my personal blog and set it up at a later time. When I was posting my new post, I added an SEO title that highlighted what my post was about and things that it mentioned so it would appear in more searches.

Before I started this assignment, I thought that Google AdWords Keyword Tool would be useful. But, according to Google This, it is not effective and is outdated. Google Adwords Keyword Tool uses a “broad match mode, which yields useless date from an SEO perspective” (Cole and Mehraban, 2013, pg. 231).

Here are some quotes from this weeks reading that I found particularly interesting about blogging and SEO from a public relations standpoint:

“Getting your organization visible on blogs is an increasingly important way not only to reach your buyers but also to reach the mainstream media that cover your industry, because reporters and editors read blogs for story ideas” (Scott, 2013, pg. 338).

I like this because it is true. If you create a blog that can be searched and pops up on more screens, more people will be likely to read it and you will be able to reach the media before pitching a story.

“As you develop content to further your organizational goals, remember that a successful approach is often more art than science” (Scott, 2013, pg. 139).

This is a good quote to remember because creating successful, strategic plans should be research based and driven, but should also be creative and thoughtful in an artistic way that appeals to target audiences.


Here is my SEO blog post for this assignment.

Here is my guest blog post for Meg Harris.

Here is Meg’s guest blog post for my blog.