Social Media: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

Social Media: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

This first week has been a experience to put it lightly. I have spent the larger majority of my time trying to improve my social media profiles and thinking deeper about what could possible give me an edge against my peers. I kept my same Facebook and Twitter profiles. I have had a Google+ but, I never chose to develop my profile and actually find connections. I had to make a LinkedIn and after hours of work, I finally am content with my profile. I also chose to make an account to link everything into one. The problem with this was that hardly anyone I know has a profile so, I will have to make new friends. 

What I Have Learned About Social Media

  • No matter how long I stay up at night I will not have 500 connections on LinkedIn by sunrise. 
  • Changing my Twitter profile back to Public was like opening the floodgates on the Internet creepers. I have to keep reminding myself, "Klout score, Kelsey. Klout Score." 
  • is the glue that holds everything together, if used appropriately. 
  • Facebook is still the same. 
  • Google+ is awesome. Why doesn't everyone I know use this? It is a glorious combination of everything that is popular in social media. 

What I Still Need to Improve

In Chapter 1 of the New Media Driver's License book, they mention Sarah Perez and her column about Social Media, she says, "Of course, the entirety of social media can't be summed up in any one blog post..." (pg. 6). This is a very small but, important part of the reading. It is the truth, Rome wasn't built in a day. I can create all of these profiles, however, it will take time to improve my personal and professional networks. Thank God for blog posts and video tutorials. 

I am somewhat familiar with how companies use social media to improve their marketing strategy, however there is always more to learn right? I found Mike Brown's three key points for brand building extremely helpful and to the point (pg. 21). 

I have never been much of a blogger but, I definitely think this class could be the start of something new. (I know I just used a High School Musical lyric...Ssshhh.) As suggested in Chapter 2 (pg. 42), I visited the Technorati homepage and found this extremely useful. I will definitely continue to check back and stay updated as we begin blogging next week.  

I found this blog and specifically this video helpful and the plain english doesn't hurt either. 

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